Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Belated Games Opening

Nothing like being topical. Actually, being late does put you at an advantage when some interesting news comes out.

While R napped during Poirot, I did my napping during the Olympic Games opening ceremony. I managed to nap until the end of it at around 2am, and then went to bed. From the transistor wireless, I have learnt that this was the practice of many Melburnians of my age and even younger.

I did tune into quite of bit of the opening ceremony though. I thought it was a most wonderful computer generated show with the occasional real person superimposed. Yep, a very slick computer production.

We may see a show like this again, perhaps when an Olympic Games is held in a country where people can be hired for ten cents a day, but I doubt it. The Olympic Games opening has reached its zenith and London cannot possibly compete.......unless they work out a different and more human angle that does not cost so much.

Of course there is little else to watch on tv at the moment, no City Homicide, no All Saints, and news and current affairs full of Olympic news. Ditto radio. I have caught up on quite a few things.


  1. Anonymous8:02 pm

    I didn't watch the opening ceremony. The only ceremony I watched was the opening of one pornstar's top.

  2. The ceremony had its artistic moments, I must admit. The 'Green Olympics' display which ended in about one million fireworks going off adding to the already interminable smog over Beijing, the 'Dove of Peace' display, cheered on by Mr. Putin as his tanks rolled into Georgia, the 'Love and Understanding' display, not cheered on by the poor buggers whose houses had been demolished without any compensation to make way for the stadium itself. Yes, it was a spectacle of hypocrisy on a scale seldom witnessed. But the BBC sports commentators loved it...as they would.

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  4. Oh look...you've had an interview request from Ghazala as well.

  5. Yes, I am also loving the radio, then again it never gets turned off in my bedroom.

  6. Poirot ranked highly at our joint, then FB glued himself to the opening spectacle (he commented on the little girl's lip-synching from the outset) while I glued myself to the interwebs.
    I'm thanking my lucky stars for cable tv right now!

  7. Anonymous9:54 am

    I was suprised they spent $350 million on the opening ceremony and still used artificial fireworks, lip-synching girl (cause singing girl was too ugly to use), MS blue screening.

    Money could be better spent then on a two week sports fest.

  8. I bet you didn't last four hours then Reuben.

    So long as people remain aware of the issues Brian, and your comment reminds them.

    What do you mean as well Brian. Did you get one?

    TVAU, you have to be prepared to give your views on the modern Pakistani woman. If I go ahead, I may have a jihad put on me.

    I love my radio too Cazzie. I could live without tv.

    Cable does have its moments of usefulness Jayne.

    It certainly has all come out today Anon.

  9. Anonymous2:11 pm

    Four hours with the porn-star? Well...four minutes maybe...

  10. "What do you mean as well Brian. Did you get one?"

    Certainly did. Needless to say, I gracefully declined. I can't see any connection whatsoever between digging holes in a field in the north of England surrounded by inquisitive cows, sheep and pigs, and an on-line Pakistani news magazine...other that they probably both end up in spam.