Saturday, August 02, 2008

And here is the news.

It is with some joy that when I open the electric newspapers in the morning, I see headlines like these. This day was particularly good. Beheadings, naked footballers, coloureds, Libs in a mess, a PM with dodgy genes. Bliss.


  1. I will never travel Greyhound again.

    Former Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner.

  2. Depressing drivel, served up by a media intent on driving us to drink and swallowed whole by a pessimistic public.
    Though I'd have preferred to read some of those headlines re-arranged
    "...beheading...Brumby...Libs...naked footballers...."

  3. Shows you what a sad society we live in when no one even tries to stop the guy on the bus.

  4. Nor wager on them Robert.

    And I am just another pessimistic public Jayne.

    Does seem a bit odd Ren, although some makeshift weapons were used against the supposed perpetrator to keep him on the bus.

  5. huh?? did someone say nakie footballers???

  6. You think that's bad? In Britain the headlines invariably read: "Super Bingo Prize Giveaway Bonaza inside. Big nude titties on page 3!"

  7. So you're still getting your kit off for page 3 then, Hughes.

    Bastard, that was my gig! (Well, me and my chestically challenged second banana Samantha Fox.)

  8. ... and fancy that 'A' list of gobstopping news items overlooking the photo opportunity provided by Copperwitch's leap out of a Ferguson-Plarre birthday gateau in Fed Square.

    Not a dry Y-front in the house.

    (If you're reading this, then I'm probably dead. No prizes for guessing the felon.)

  9. ... and as coincidence would have it I believe I was at school with a relative (probably father) of the Ararat Eagles vice president.

    (Not a badge of honour I can assure you!)

  10. Doom and gloom, it is awful isn't it? I'd love to start a newspaper with the title "Good news to you" or something like that...but I fear it would make the skeptics cry..I known there is good news out there, we just don't hear of it that often, or as often as we ought to.

  11. The naked footballers story is repugnant. As is the Canadian bus story and the PM's past story.

    The libs in a mess? Excellent. I shall now crack open the champaign.

  12. While I tend to read The Independent online Brian, I loved the trashy newspapers in England. Full of juicy stuff.

    M'lord, get with it. Samantha Fox is really old now. I saw her on tv in England.

    The coppery one actually likes you M'lord. She will do you no harm, unlike most who know you. I missed that link about Ararat Eagles in the broadshit.

    I can stay quite remote from it Cazzie, but R often won't watch the news, because of how depressing it is.

    They are not uplifting stories, are they Reuben, but since when was a newspaper uplifting. Full of misery and criticism.

  13. I don't blame those people for their fright, I'd have taken off too -if there was nothing to smash his skull with.
    This gives Greyhound a bad name, and it's a real pity, because passengers on those long journeys are usually friendly, more than most other times; everyone's travelling cheap.

  14. "While I tend to read The Independent online Brian, I loved the trashy newspapers in England."

    I'd gathered that, Andrew. I suspect the author of your 'Rivers of Blood' speech in the posting above could be found skulking amongst the Murdock tabloids.

  15. You'd really have to be there to judge Robert.

    Perhaps an extract from a Powell book Brian.