Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ageing Actors 02/01/08

Actors of the female variety, that is. Pants reckons only Dame Judi Dench is allowed to age in the UK. I don't think any female actor in the US is allowed to age (not entirely true, but the star actors don't age). Australia, as usual, falls somewhere in between.

Sue Johnston, Joan Plowright,


  1. I love Sue Johnston and all female actors who wear their years with pride.
    You'd never see another Pat McDonald or Bunny Brooke or Gwen Plumb on mainstream TV unless they'd dipped into Botox or worse. There is a cut-off age where a woman is allowed to visibly age on TV and Australia is just as guilty as USA.

  2. Yep Jayne. The point I was going to make I think was that it did not seem like that in the UK.

  3. I can think of a few British actresses who could do with growing up.

  4. And then what would the English papers be full of Brian?

  5. Yep Victor, I think the list is quite long.

  6. "And then what would the English papers be full of..."

    I'm sure they'd find some other none-actual-news related rubbish to put in 'em. They usually do.


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