Thursday, August 21, 2008


Australia's Liberal Party, known in the UK as the Tories, and possibly in the US of A as Republican, are in disarray. They are out of office Federally and in every state of Australia. They cling to power with governing the large metropolis of Brisbane, that place in the north of Australia where it is too hot for you brain to work.

No matter how inept Labour governments seem to be, no one is voting Tory. I doubt that they aren't being voted for because they are a party for big business, the self made man, small successful business and wanna bees.


  1. Anonymous4:08 pm

    Queensland is also too hot to remain calm and collected when confronted by progressive, logical thoughts and atheism. Also, that's where the fishmongering, warmongering, racist PHanson comes from.

  2. "...known in the UK as the Tories..."

    Or various other epithets too crass to mention.

  3. I have had limited experience with Queenslanders Reuben, but I agree with your opinion. I have seen and heard things in Queensland that I could not believe and if it was Victoria, they would be before the courts.

    So what is Fleetwood and Blackpool's political bent Brian? I would guess Blackpool Labour and Fleetwood a bit more to the right.

  4. As far as I can tell Andrew, they're all right wingers. Well, the ones in power are. Everyone I actually meet and talk to is left wing bordering on socialist...but for some unknown reason the tories always get in. Smacks a bit of conspiracy, doesn't it?

  5. Anonymous3:50 pm

    Jo Bealke Peterson is a classic case of why I would not shed a tear to see the conservatives up in Queensland get ripped to threads.

  6. We had a conservative State Premier by the name of Kennett. He was passionately hated and no one admitted voting for him, yet he was elected with good majorities.....and then the worm turned.

    Oh that you were around when he was in power Reuben. He was criminal.

  7. Anonymous6:55 pm

    I wasn't, but the stories are horrific enough.