Thursday, July 31, 2008

Worry about it later

Before we went away, we kept saying, 'we will worry about that when we get home'. The list grew long, but some matters have been addressed. I did finally wash the skirting boards of their build up. But a few medical matters were pending.

I made a dental appointment at a dentist in Richmond for 9.30. Not so keen on the hour. Perhaps I could get into R's dentist, nearby in Albert Road. No problems and at the civilised hour of 12.30. R's dentist used to be Dr Alan Aylett of football fame, but he has retired and the practice has been invigorated. I was asked how long since my last dentist visit, and I said five years. I think really it has been about eight years. Inflamed gums, the dentist said. Floss more often. Ok, I am slack on that. But otherwise, teeth are fine. I was a bit surprised. They are lovely and clean now, and I won't go back at their suggested six month period. Probably a bit over twelve months.

I made an appointment for an eye test. My mother has just undergone surgery on her eyes. To my surprise, nothing wrong with my eyes, except that I can't read or see the computer screen without glasses. I explained my two pairs of $2 shop glasses, one for the pc screen and the other for reading, and my put on take off and then loose, and having specs spread all over the apartment, and always having the wrong pair for reading or pc, said glasses way of seeing, and they said fine. If it works for me, no high pressure for OPSM specs.

Then there is the cholesterol test that I am supposed to go for. My doctor got sick of me cancelling because I was not up to fasting and gave me a referral to big diagnostic place. But watching my diet, eating tinned fish for lunch, taking fish oil capsules and sprinkling phsyillium? husks on my cereal must help. I am expecting an ok result. If it is bad, I will blame overseas travelling where I was not so disciplined.

Last night we took a swim, spa and sauna. Today I walked in the city, including the length of Exhibition Street, and walked from home to the Arts Centre and then from there to the Casino. Why do I feel so old and unfit?


  1. "Why do I feel so old and unfit?"

    Because you are?

  2. It's the weather. Once your bones are warmed by the sun properly you'll be doing handstands and cartwheels down Elizabeth St :P

  3. Now laddie, show some respect to your seniors.

    Warming the aging bones Jayne. I like it.

  4. After all those chips, bacon and egg breakfasts in England, I'd leave tests for about 6 months of Aussie food.

  5. I did not have much of an appetite while there Jahten, but what I et was bad bad bad.