Thursday, July 17, 2008


We didn't go to see the musical Wicked last night, but my sis in law, nephew, his girlfriend and my niece did. The younger niece did not go and at fifteen she did not really need babysitting but we did.

We all met for dinner at a new place to me, Red Silks Chinese restaurant in Bourke Street. It was excellent. We sat out on a large heated terrace just one level above Bourke Street and had a fine meal with excellent service and pretty good prices. Huge menu. Sis in law had webs from ducks feet and as I was late and they ordered for me, I was told I was getting pig's intestines for my main course. Fortunately not. It was on the menu and I was scared for a time.

Those going to the show departed and we lingered a bit to finish off the wine, caught a tram down Bourke Street, another down Elizabeth Street, walked the Elizabeth Street subway and then crossed the river on a footbridge to be at Southbank.

We took my niece up in Eureka tower to the viewing floor, we had a two for one voucher to help defray the cost, and then into the box that extends out of the building. It was surprisingly busy for nine on a weeknight.

We then caught the bus home to await the arrival of the show mob to collect my niece. I am tired today.

While going up in Eureka tower is good, I would not say that going out in the box is worth the money. You don't see anymore really, the only extra being the thrill of standing on clear glass floor with silly slip overs on your shoes.

You may see something in this picture if you click it to make it bigger.


  1. Just had a squiz at the Red Silks website and consequently it's on the list for our next sortie into town.

    (We rarely get past the Dragon Boat or Westlake when we're in Li'l Bourke and if we're further afield, it's the Red Emperor at Southgate.)

  2. Anonymous5:40 pm

    I love Chinese food. As for the Eureka extension box...are you allowed to jump?

  3. "Huge menu"

    Absolutely nothing on it...just extremely big letters.

  4. Been to Westlake M'lord, ages ago. Hope it doesn't disappoint. It ain't posh.

    Sealed tight Reuben. Not even allowed to take your camera out.

    No Brian,there was an extensive array of food listed on the huge menu.

  5. Have done "posh" a number of times and have been disappointed more than a few times.(Esposito at Toofey's being the top of the list of disappointments ... pompous, pretentious and slack.)

    Posh places that could learn a few things from Sydney Rd. turkish/lebanese humble cheap eats.

  6. Let's face it Sedgers, anything that doesn't involve chips, beans, mushy peas or not wearing your pants is posh for you.

  7. I clicked the pic and that dark blue sedan was speeding past the Arts Centre spire....

  8. On the rare occasions I have been to an expensive restaurant, I always leave feeling that I haven't had my money's worth.

    Yep, can just make it out Jayne.

  9. I'm looking forward to going up the Eureka Tower at night some time. The sticking out box doesn't interest me at all. Not that I'm scared, but you confirmed my suspicions that it's not worth the extra dosh for the same view.

  10. Yep Ben, trust me on that one. It is not worth it. But then if you are on a spree and having an extreme night....