Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Where it go man?

Remember the picture of the balloons I posted for Little Jo's 1st birthday? There were about twenty of them on our ceiling, but sister took most of them home and only left us three. Her's have long gone flat in their chilly flat, but ours have stayed up, well two of them anyway.

Last Saturday one of ours went flatish. It dropped down and then sat under the bulkhead that sits below the ceiling. Then it decided it liked our air con unit and sat in front of it for a bit. I set it off and the air currents moved it around the room and sent it drifting. I found it very amusing. I had a deprived childhood with only blow up balloons and not helium. But then its ribbon was dangling on me and tickling me. It bothered me for quite some time as I was trying to read the newspaper.

We went off to attend the building's working bee, that is painting the new bicycle area in the basement and we left the balcony door open to give the place an airing while we were downstairs. We returned to find the balloon had gone. It must have drifted out the balcony door and gone to balloon heaven.

Meanwhile, there are still two balloons hard up on the ceiling, although when I was out today and the heating was off, one dropped to sit under the bulkhead. I have put it back on the ceiling. I can't see them lasting much longer. I just looked around at them, and they are twisting a bit on the ceiling from the heating air currents. I reckon they have pretty well had it.

Its all about the little things in life.


  1. When next you're hoovering you'll find the shrivelled up body of a dead balloon tucked under the bookcase :P

  2. I am expecting that Jayne. I can't believe it just ducked under the venetians and floated out. But it just is not here at all.

  3. I'm sorry you lost your balloon Andrew, I know how distressing it can be... just the other day I saw a lil boy crying his eyes out telling him mum to "go and catch it" as it floated towards heaven.

  4. I was living in a first floor room in Carlisle street and very early one morning found a pigeon running along the footpath near Acland Street. It had a drooping wing. I took it home and began feeding it (seed all over the floor) and one night about a week later while watching TV I heard a whooshing noise and the thing was starting to fly. A few days later it was getting up onto the wardrobe. Then I went out with the window a bit open as usual and when I came back it was gone. Good. But I felt a bit stunned.

  5. Sob....thanks Jo.....sob.

    And it didn't even leave a thank you note Robert. I don't like pigeons, but wish them no harm except a quick painless death.