Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday Balance Sheet

R has been giving a bloke a lift to work over the last few months. The guy has resigned and so R gave him a lift for the last time. R moans sometimes about having to pick him up and sometimes drop him off at the end of the day. The tall, handsome, gym built str8 guy showed his appreciation with a gift of a bottle of single malt scotch. $40 probably. Clearly R did not grope him. R has just gone to bed and said I can have just the one single malt, but don't drink the whole bottle!

A shower of rain had just gone through. Will we walk or take a tram. The rain had stopped and the traffic in St Kilda Road was worse than usual, so we walked. Ok, the tram beat us, but cars and buses certainly did not. A win.

Is this not a beautiful picture? It advertises the Art Deco exhibition at the National Gallery (Victoria). It is a picture of a the steam powered Southern Aurora Spirit of Progress train from Melbourne to Sydney, change trains because of the track gauge change at Albury.

While the train was steam powered, it could travel at 115kph and it was very luxurious and the first air conditioned train in Australia. Didn't I say that about the Silver Comet in Broken Hill? I am just quoting.

The exhibition was very busy, but well worth seeing. Art Deco is surely the most beautiful period of design. Cost to see the Art Deco exhibition, $22.

Dinner at Margots at Crown Casino. With work supplied card for two for one meals, price should have been $23.50 for our steaks, instead only charged $22. And she forgot to scratch off the number on the card, so we can do it again. Cost $22, value, including card, probably around $100.

A brief play on pokie machines. I won $20, R won $40.

Bus home. R's ticket would not work. Driver said don't worry about it. About $3 saved.

It was just a day when we felt we weren't behind the eight ball.


  1. Like the Art Deco train. I can't help imagining the mangled body of Hercule Poirot somewhere just behind it on the lines, however...

  2. Sounds like a great day really. I will have to get along to the exhibition, one of my favourite places to go is the National Gallery. I have not been there since the Pablo Picasso Exhibit :(
    I haven't been to Margots before either, I had reports it is nice to eat at.
    Oh, and that art deco image...very nice :)

  3. Very much of that time Brian.

    If you go to the exhibition Cazzie, try and pick a quiet time.

  4. Now I can't get the image of a mangled Poirot out of my head!
    Love those Art Deco styles, smooth, streamlined and oh, so very classy. Speaks of a time when one dressed formally for dinner, aprons were part of a woman's daily wardrobe and cocktail parties were all the rage.

  5. Don't forget Jayne, that the frilly white apron at home meant high heels while doing the housework.

  6. Anonymous5:44 pm

    For me $22 would be better spent on filling my stomach with good Japanese food.

  7. Yep

    I'd say you were quids in.



  8. A man, probably with a full belly, once said Reuben, Man does not live by bread alone.

    Be nice if it was quids Pants.

  9. Pedantic Nerd Alert!!!

    Er Andrew, that train is actually the Spirit of Progress. The Southern Aurora started much later in 1962 when the standard gauge line between Albury and Melbourne was built. At the same time the Spirit was converted to standard gauge and the service extended to Sydney. After this both the trains ran nightly until the mid 80s, when they were replaced by a single train, the Sydney/Melbourne Express, A.K.A. the SEX MEX. This was in turn replace by the current XPT service in the early 90s.

    ...End Pedantic Nerd Alert

  10. Noted Ben, thanks. I must be more alert about trusting other people's writing. What is it called now? The Sydney train? I miss the Southern Aurora, The Spirit of Progress, The Vinelander, The Overland.

  11. And the Gippy as we used to know it as. Error now corrected.

  12. Now the Sydney - Melbourne trains are XPT trains, and is just called the XPT. The are not anywhere near as nice as the old trains.

    The Overland still runs actually, same old carriages from 40 years ago, but they were upgraded last year. I had look when they had an open day to drum up business, they actually seem quite comfy.

  13. A friend recently caught it, first class and she said it was excellent, unlike my sis and law who travelled on it a couple of years ago and thought was shocking. Pre upgrade no doubt.