Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Traveller's Internet

Singapore was a disaster. We paid a couple of dollars to use the computer and internet at our hotel and it was so slow, it was almost unusable. It is not what I expected in Singapore. I complained at the hotel desk, only to be brushed off with that it was that is was the company who maintains the systems problem. In fifteen minutes, I did manage to check some home email.

As mentioned, London internet was fine in the Arab area of Edgware Road.

I tried at the library at Hexham, but it was closing time on the Saturday. It was suggested to try the hotel up the street that had been advertising internet access. After some misunderstanding, I realised it was wireless access only for a laptop. The price was ridiculously high anyway.

R's sister L and bro in law D had both a desk top and a lap top and I did spend a bit of time on them, but they were a bit slow. Maybe I am spoilt with cable. The worst part is, they would not leave them on and it took both units about ten minutes to start up. I blame the evil bloatware Norton.

I had a second try at the Hexham library, but it was closed on this particular weekday. A third try was more productive with a card issued and a payment of a pound for each time we used it.

Where were all the net cafes? Well, there was one in Little India in Singapore that we used at a very cheap price. But that and the London one were the only ones I saw throughout the whole holiday.

I did come across plenty of wireless internet access points and I don't think I would ever travel again overseas without a wireless lap top, if only for Google Maps, but heaps of other reasons too. It would be fair to say that my life is very dependant on the internet.


  1. I certainly found that internet access ranges from OK to very ordinary.. London was fine, internet cafes all over the place, no worries at all. Athens, pretty good too. In Rome, one place insisted we give our passport over as ID (!!), I said no that wasn't possible, so instead we had to write our name and address in their visitors book.. apparently this was to stamp out people looking at inappropriate websites.. I'm not quite sure how exactly.. but even if I did choose to.. good luck to them trying to track me down with the fake name and address I supplied. Stupids.

  2. "I blame the evil bloatware Norton."

    Graham Norton?

  3. Nice one in Italy TVAU. Well done.

    Norton Security actually Brian but I did catch Norton on tv...tedious.

  4. I'm intrigued by your experiences with internet speeds over there after having read numerous times how slow Australian speeds are compared with Europe and the USA.

  5. Ditto what Victor said - Rudd, and others, have been spouting how slow Oz net speed is, slower than Sudan or some silly comparison.

  6. Victor and Jayne, you have made me thing. I guess you have to make allowances for computers not being first class and that I always thought our cable was only a bit faster than adsl, which is what we using. I would conclude that super fast internet speeds as mention overseas is a load of bunkum so far as web pages loading. Maybe it is a lot quicker if you are downloading something.