Tuesday, July 29, 2008

That was fun, not

Last Sunday we ventured to Langwarrin to see off the nephew who is going to live in Glasgow for two years, via, Bangkok, Cambodia, Laos, Bangkok, Helsinki, London. It was ok. We lasted an hour and a half and brother had lit a fire in the back yard to warm everyone. It was quite some fire and just getting going as we were leaving. More people were coming.

Weren't we lucky. We travelled on Eastlink on the first day that they started charging tolls. It is a beautiful road though. So smooth. So easy. We saw the art work, a bird eating a worm and the highrise motel and the fallen down electric pylon?

Approximate road tolls for the weekend, Citylink on Saturday night to go to the brother friends, and again on Sunday and Eastlink, $28.

I bought shares in Crown Casino in the early days and made a killing when I sold them. The profit paid for our trip to Vietnam. I hated Citylink when it was built, just as I hated the Crown Casino and still do, but I wish I had bought shares in Citylink.


  1. I couldn't believe when I received my Roam statement.. I drove from the lower Blue mountains to Mosman and back (down the M4, onto the M7, then the M2 and Lane Cove Tunnel) and it cost me $25, plus another $20 or so for fuel and they tell me these motorways will save me money?

  2. Jo, pity the poor people who are forced to use them to get to and from work. Did it save you much time?

  3. Our tolled roads are privately-owned,mainly by overseas corporations, but are not subject to land or other taxes because they
    "are for the common good"

    I think we need
    a Second Eureka Stockade.

  4. It probably saved me about 15 minutes which i guess is pretty good.