Thursday, July 10, 2008

See them all in Soho Square, dropping aitches everywhere

R dearly wanted to see a show while we in London, but we did not prebook, I left it up to him, and it was just too hard once we were there. We can do daytime ok, but flag in the evening. I did not know anything much about gay London, but the hop on hop off bus commentator said that Soho was an 'interesting' part of London, and he looked at us as he said it. Ok, I get it. He wasn't the only one who picked up on us and made an extra effort, which was kinda nice, because the guides were quite straight. There was another, a blond Irish guy! who did the same and he clearly focused his commentary for our benefit, that is with a gay slant.

So, no West End show to tell you about.


  1. That's shocking that is Andrew! A cockney trying to be helpful? The world's coming to end.

  2. Wish some of the self-styled "guides" in Melbourne could take a leaf out of their books.

  3. Anonymous2:20 pm

    Sounds like a good tour!

    And whilst it's too late for London (and I'm not even sure it's running there) but should you find yourself in New York, Spring Awakening is a show well worth seeing.

  4. Not sure I heard a cockney accent in London Brian. Not sure I even heard and English one.

    I started to write a Melbourne by tram book a while ago Jayne, slanted towards those really interested in trams as well as the sights. I only did half of route 1.

    'should you find yourself in New York' rolled out beautifully MD, but it is most unlikely.