Thursday, July 10, 2008

A real time interlude

Back in the land of Oz, life goes on.

I saw Merryl Streep outside Melbourne Central last night. Under bright camera lighting, she looked absolutely stunning.

A work cover ad in the Hun showed pictures of the staff. There was one Indian bloke in the picture. The rest were Anglo looking. I know there are at least three people who are Asian and work for Workcover. Why no Asian pics? I am always tense when reading the gay press in case they under represent Asians in their venue photo pages.

Pell must resign. What a disgusting creature.

More child art scandal. I saw the pic last night and I wonder what the fuss is. The story was reported in the UK, probably the only mention of Australia for four weeks.

I left Australia talking about petrol prices to arrive in UK where they were talking about petrol prices to return to Australia where we are talking about petrol prices. So tedious.

Five weeks away and I thought the tram work at the Arts Centre would have been finished. It hasn't.

Art Deco exhibition at the National I will see that.

I will certainly go to Melbourne Unbuilt when it opens.

All the usual radio presenters are on holidays or driving to London. Both are not a bad thing.

I have a coffee stamp card for The Wedge at QV. I got a free coffee yesterday.

Ahhh, have prices gone up a lot in my absence? I think so.

A group of teens went through QV today singing. I could not understand them, but I would guess they are part of Pell's/Ratzinger's godbotherers.

There was a passionate comment on one of my old blog posts where I lambasted Melbourne Church of England Grammar School. What fun. He or she was horrified by the post when he/read it. I used the school as an example of government funding of private schools. Neither of the anti commenters actually addressed the argument, instead turned it into a twee class war. It is a class war, but that is beside the point. I was talking about public funding of religious schools. I don't like it. Religion is bad.

Little Jo's first birthday on Sunday. If the weather is ok, the celebration will be at a park in Murrumbeena. If not, we will be hosting it here. How did that happen?

Kiss a smoker today. They never have bad breath. They only taste of smoke. Only non smokers ever have bad breath and there are quite a few of you out there. Thirty years experience of being around and around has proved this. Puffing your breath out into your hand and smelling will tell you nowt.

As I guessed in advance, I picked up foreign lingo very easily. I had to fight to stop myself talking Geordie. It is still on the tip of my tongue. While driving to Safeway in Prahran last Saturday, R was talking about something serious and I was taking no notice but I realised he had slipped back into his own old Geordie accent. Very funny.

Met up with dyke friends for dinner tonight. I am very cautious about boring people with holiday photos, but out of 1500 photos, I had printed off about forty salient photos. They seemed to enjoy them.


  1. "Under bright camera lighting, she looked absolutely stunning."

    Bloody hell...that must have been bright!

    "Kiss a smoker today. They never have bad breath."

    I'll agree with that. Actually most us don't have much breath at all...

  2. Happy birthday for Little Jo on Sunday.
    Several friends of ours are Scousers and Mancunians and slip into their old accents when they see each other lol.

  3. Everything comes at a price Brian.

    Thanks Jayne. R was not too bad mostly.

  4. I can't believe that sweet baby is a year old already. Where does the time go?!

  5. I know Daisy. And we on the downward slide to christmas now.

  6. Before Christmas comes the big celebration, my birthday.
    I wouldn't like you to forget it.

  7. Remind me closer to the time Jahteh. What is your preferred carat?

  8. I'm overloaded with diamonds.
    A bottle of Vintage Vueve Cliquot will do nicely.

  9. Not on special at Dan's. But I just happen to have a bottle of Asti Spumante.