Friday, July 18, 2008

Pee off pope

I don't like religion. I don't like Moslem religion, I don't like Jewish religion, Buddhism is not so bad, but probably the worst and the religion that the most heinous acts have been committed in the name of is Christianity. Most of the most zealous of Christians are Catholics. I was brought up in a time where would have nothing to do with Catholics and we were taught that they were our enemies.

Many of the prejudices that I was brought up with, I have overcome. But I still dislike the Catholic religion intensely.

And just to reinforce it, here is a quote from the current leader of the Church of Rome.

"Homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered. Homosexual acts go
against the natural moral law. They do not proceed from a genuine
affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they
be approved."

It is ok Popey, I don't need you approval, moral or legal.

Bugger off back to Rome Ratzinger, and take the godawful Pell with you.


  1. A local catholic school was housing a bunch of yoofs for WYD and the little darlings (male and female) were in and out all hours of the night, trawling the streets and coming back with bottles of grog, pickled and rowdy with more than the spirit of Heaven, screeching to be let in.
    After the 3rd lot woke us up after 2am I did the concerned citizen thing and rang the police.

  2. Anonymous12:18 pm

    Cardinal Pell is one person I wouldn't be too unhappy about to see dead in the political water. This climate change denying, homophobic, ultra-right wing and bigoted fathead has no bounds. I say deport the bastard.

  3. I was flicking around the TV channels last night, and stumbled onto the Stations of the Cross re-enactment of the crucifixion (crucifiction?) of Christ. It was extremely graphic and very gory. Talk about "dwelling on old wounds"! Anyone else find it kinda ironic, after Bishop Antony Fisher's offensive comments this week? What a pack of insensitive hypocrites.

  4. "Homosexual acts go
    against the natural moral law."

    So says the big bloke in the dress who's forced into celebacy because his forebears shagged too many children and caught too much pox. For somebody who's not allowed to masturbate, he's one hell of a wanker.

  5. As I suspected Jayne. A cheap holiday for many.

    Hiya Altissima. It was quite explicit. They should have gone the whole hog and nailed the hands.

    Dun worry Brian. I am only pretending I care or interested.

  6. Can I read Reuben, that you are not so keen on him?

  7. Anonymous9:03 pm

    Aren't you perceptive, Andrew? I loath the man's principles. Although he does have some remarkable glasses.