Thursday, July 10, 2008

Paris Views

Unconventional Eiffel Tower photo. You have all seen it from afar.

Parkland below the Eiffel Tower

Montmartre in the distance
Original Statue of Liberty?


  1. That fourth photograph that the monolith from 2001?

  2. Anonymous6:38 am

    Good photos... I love Paris!
    I think the 4th one is Montparnasse. Yes it is the original Statue of Liberty. This one is the prototype for the real one in New York which was made in Paris and given as a present to the Americans.
    The small traffic lights are for cars - you look at them from the driver's window as there aren't lights on the other side of the road like there are in Aus!
    Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  3. Love that unconventional view of the Tower.

    My fear of heights was bad at the time and got the better of me at the Tower. I alighted when the cage reached the first level and walked back down the stairs.

  4. The Frenchies were very rude to me, maybe they thought I was English?

    I found their grey smoke-stained Paris depressing anyway; home to the gloomiest people in Europe.

    Gloomy? Oh my goodness. Piaf, Proust, Camus, Satre....Joyous crowd.

  5. Love the pics :)

  6. My god Brian. I did not even notice it until you mentioned it. Its monstrous. Not a mark on the camera lens is it?

    I think we got to the second level Victor. Heights don't worry us, which is just as well given how high we live off the ground.

    Sigh. Hello Robert. Nice to hear from you. Perhaps they have cleaned it since you were there.

    Thanks Jayne.

  7. Anon, I think I like the little statue better. Thanks for the info about the traffic lights. Makes sense.

  8. I hope they've cleaned up nasty woman ticket clerks at the Gare du Nord who shove your money back at you because you can't pronounce their frog language well enough. They hate the English and anyone who can't speak frog, while they themselves hardly travel at all outside their own xenophobic little country and the few I've encountered in hostels around the world have either been idiots or drunks.

  9. You are sounding ever so English Robert. I think the staff who have contact with tourists are really quite different now, but I am only basing that on a few contacts.

  10. This post served no purpose other than to make me completely and utterly jealous of your travels. :)

  11. I liked Paris and London a lot more than I expected Daisy.