Friday, July 11, 2008

More London Pics

Some old building.

Tower of London from the outside.
I never in my wildest dreams I would ever take this picture. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be pushed, cajoled, encouraged, forced to be in this location.
An old power station. Think it is called the Tate power station.

A ferris wheel.
Just another old building with a clock.
You would not even know he is black, because there is big black feather in front of his face.
The more musically inclined from the Lewisham Seventh Day Adventists.
It is called Merman Choking Dolphin, located at Traf Square. Dolphin is ejaculating through the hole in its head.
The Big Bus. We were lucky. It did not rain.
Ok, I will be serious here. This building behind is rather nice. Even back in the days it was built, advertising was banned on the banks of the Thames. But there was a way around it if you were the manufacturer of the Oxo stock cube.


  1. "You would not even know he is black, because there is big black feather in front of his face."

    The black flanks, hooves and mane give it away.

  2. Anonymous5:22 pm

    It's the old Bankside Power Station, now home to the Tate Modern - the modern art arm of the Tate Gallery - worth a visit although it depends a bit what the exhibition is. Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip!

  3. They tossed stock cubes from the scaffolding into passing boats, often missing, thus turning the Thames into delicious soup which attracts alien invasions each Xmas for Dr Who? :P

  4. I have never seen the mermaid choking dolphin statue. Well, another reason to go back to London!

    Lovely photos Andrew - it's so much fun to see photos of my favourite city from one of my favourite bloggers!

  5. Ahhh... London. I want to go back. Just to tell the French people in the Brittish Museum of for being obnoxious turds.

  6. Err.. OFF. Not of.

  7. I couldn't see his hair as it was under his helmet. So the boots are called hooves.

    You usually are accurate with your history Jayne, so I will take your word for it.

    My comments on this photo page were a bit sill Rosanna. I am sure it has a name, but I know not what. You are sweet.

    Yep Ren, I already would like to see more of London. It takes a true Brit to hate the French with passion.

  8. As I mentioned in the previous London post Anon, but thanks.

  9. Anonymous10:52 am

    Now now, Jayne. The rift in time and space is just above the Thames. Everyone knows that. It's also in Cardiff.

    At least the Thames is cleaner than the Yarra. I wouldn't be surprised if the Silurians rocked in Docklands to sample the local cuisine.