Monday, July 14, 2008

Maggie's Poll Tax

Unlike here in Australian where the property owner pays the council rates, in England, the resident pays the rates, be you an owner or a tenant. Without taking the overall tax system into account, like the 17% VAT, or for us GST, the council rates seem extraordinarily high.

Maggie's poll tax is no longer called that, but something similar to our council rates. From vague memory, perhaps well over $3,000 a year. I think they all pay monthly.

The council services in some areas are excellent, but in others poor. Letting public gardens to go their natural state is a good excuse for not maintaining areas. I would guess that Newcastle, being a Labour town and always has been, has a very over bloated city beaurocracy? with a strong arts focus. Sounds a bit like my beloved City of Port Phillip.


  1. Have seen a few UK gardening shows of late where the locals have taken control of the local gardens/parks and cleaned them up, planted them out, etc.
    Now I know why.
    $3000 is horrendously high!
    Think I'll pass on buying Buck Palace then.

  2. "...the council rates seem extraordinarily high."

    You're not kidding there Andrew. You can blame Maggie Thatch for the poll tax (or the council tax as it's now laughingly called). Time was when the rates were all worked out according to how much people could afford. The tories put a stop to that. Thought it would be fairer if the poor paid more and the rich paid less. After all, the millionaires in their mansions didn't need street lighting, policemen, teachers etc. when they had their own lights, their own security and their public schools. Why should they pay for the rest of us plebs?
    And so began the robbing from the poor to feed the attitude continued by New Labour when Blair got in.
    Bloody Thatcher! They should have hung the old bitch years ago.

  3. Buck Palace is probably non rateable Jayne.

    Interesting to see Thatcher on tele while I was there Brian. She didn't look or sound to bad. There must still be plenty of evil in her.