Monday, July 28, 2008

I am not understanding this

Fuel surcharge on air flights. Why? Of course keeping it a separate charge means it has to be paid even when using points for a flight. But really, it should be built into the cost of tickets. Fuel goes up, air fare goes up.

The same for trucks. A fuel levy charged by drivers to those who contract them. Stupid. Charge more or apply for a contract variation. Yes, we consumers will just have to pay the extra. We need to pay the REAL cost of things, including decent wages and environmental impact. Yes, the compensation will come from wages or social security benefits.

Well, if ever you want to discredit a report you have written, you could not do much better than copy and paste other peoples work into it and not even mention that it is other people's work. See Daniel's post on the Eddington Report into Melbourne's transport. (Later addition, Daniel's post was mentioned in the gossip column of The Age last Friday)

Melbourne's population has been growing steadily and now quite rapidly for more than a decade. I think too quickly, but that is my personal opinion. Why was not infrastructure increased to match the population growth? Our economy is seemingly based on an increasing population who need housing. This just cannot go on forever. Why do cities I have recently visited overseas not feel crowded when they have a much denser population? I am tired of focusing on reports only for them never to be implemented.

Local university students and overseas university students are not connecting. There is a gulf between them. See my thoughts in the comments at 'Am I Racist' at This Devil's Workday. Perfectly predictable.

Alleged corruption at the City of Port Phillip. Well, well, what a surprise. Time they were all, bar one, tossed out.

A City of Melbourne councillor locked out a bar at Crown Casino because of the 2am curfew. Haha, bet Councillor Ng supported the legislation. Given her age, she ought have been home in bed at 2am.

The older I get, the more puzzled by things I become. I put the blame squarely at those who we appoint to govern us.


  1. They're all mad bar me!
    Nah, we elect what is, really, only the best of a bad bunch all up.

  2. EVERYone should be home and in bed at 2am.
    The economic adavantage to the community as a whole, would be enormous.

  3. I think you would be an ok benevolent dictator Jayne.

    Wow, how hard you hit the nail on the head Ann.

  4. The City of Port Phillip is comparatively civilised compared to feral antics of the various factions in Brimbank Council. You ain't read nothing yet!

  5. I am somewhat aware of Brimbank Council CB. I am sure there will be some messy stuff.

  6. Anonymous9:45 pm

    Forgive me for not thanking you for the plug earlier. I kept meaning to say thank-you but never got around to doing it! Bad form on my part.

  7. No thanks necessary. You write well and interestingly and seem like an ok guy.