Monday, July 28, 2008

Declan Strikes

Once upon a time, a fair while ago, I knew a proof reader at the disappeared Herald evening newspaper. He took his job very seriously and with some pride.

I worry about my sentence construction in my blog. I worry less about spelling. If I ever back read, I notice that I sometimes leave connecting words out entirely. I do minimal checking of what I write. Quantity over quality is my niche. When I attain the exulted position of being perfect with the English language, spelling, punctuation, sentence construction and grammar, I will start criticising others. It ain't gonna happen is it?

But I do expect people who make their living from words to get it right. And perhaps there is an odd occasion when they don't and the proof reader will correct it. Obviously I am ever so old fashioned with this view.

From The Age. 'The Department of Health and Ageing spokesperson said polive would asked to investigate whether criminal charges were warranted.'

Well, I am not the spelling police and I have been known to do get the c and v key wrong, but the whole article was individual sentences served as paragraphs. Can't paragraphs have more than one sentence? I am not sure that I am so good at paragraphs, but I try a bit.

Ok, writers for newspapers are probably under extreme pressure to produce. Online news website writers probably more so. But can't at least the newspapers afford proof readers?


  1. I forgive the typo, but that sentence is dreadful. It should be: 'A spokesperson from the Department of Health and Ageing said...'

    I skim over mistakes from bloggers, it's nothing, you usually know what they mean, but in the big league of writing you must be clear, readers will soon give up if you're not. It's the worst error.

  2. Yood thinc thees big newspappers would be able too aford spelcheckers reely, woodnt' you?

  3. I think the newspaper proofreader went the way of the dinosaur...or his/her eyesight has, at any rate!

  4. I spell-check all of my posts. I cannot afford to be caught by the spelling police and have a criminal record at such a young age.

  5. It all appears to be done at such speed Robert.

    Four shore Bwian.

    Yes, I think you may be right Jayne.

    All older people are watching the young for signs of poor education Reuben.

  6. I'm often surprised at the number of typo's in the paper these days, but after many years of reading Robyn's wanker text I can read anything.

  7. Where is the fair Robyn? Slip a comment in somewhere Robyn.

  8. She's been hiding in Vietnam the lucky bugga.

  9. Well, Robyn won't find any black men in clogs in Vietnam, will she?

  10. There should be a "media watch" for blogs. Blog Watch....

    ducks... runs for cover...

    As for myself, I proof read posts, but usually find myself going back and editing two or three times after publishing.

    Quite often my comments are lacking too, nothing I can do about that after hitting publish.

  11. Start a media watch for blogs up Ben. I will be happy to be featured and the resulting publicity.

    Most blogs I read, I can usually delete a comment and rewrite it.