Wednesday, July 30, 2008

De celebs in de hood

I like the looks of many black men, and anyone who says white men compare to favourably to black men when talking about important statistics clearly has not been much around the internet.

Here is a picture of a black male found at random on the net. Very nice looking and natural.

We in Australia will be hearing and seeing a bit about his bloke, Tyson Beckford, but in spite of him being a super model, I just don't find him attractive. Of course if he said to me, hey whitie, come and wrap your lips around this, perhaps I might change my view. Your opinion? Is my taste in my ass?


  1. Notice you didn't post a photograph of that seminal stunner General Mugabe there, Andrew...

  2. Well he's not one of the best looking black men I've seen but he's ok. I like eyes and his just don't do it for me. Bigger rounder eyes with long lashes. And his lips too... wrong shape, they don't look too kissable. But... he has a nice shaped face, nice nose and a nice chin. Broad shoulders too, he looks quite huggable.

    Actually... the more I look at him the better he's looking lol.

    Robyn would be the best one to ask tho, she's an expert on black men... specially ones that wear clogs.

  3. Mugabe's wickedness is reflected in his face.

    Huggable Jo? Is that all? The lips are what bother me the most.

  4. Meh, nice but not spank-worthy ;)

  5. Nice bit of lateral thinking Jayne. Works for me.

  6. Give me Denzel any day of the week. If I had to choose and was not the square, straight guy that I am...

    Oh, and don't ever tell Andy B. He has this secret fantasy about me and I don't really want to string him along. That would be cruel.

  7. Not so secret Rob. Andy has told me about his 'interest'. You would not believe what he wants you to do to him.