Monday, July 07, 2008

Day 4. Last day in Singapore

We walked to the nearby Little India MRT station and it took us a whole minute to work out how the system worked. While most people had a stored value card, we bought single journey tickets. It was SG$1 for one stop plus a $1 deposit on the plastic card. Why is Melbourne trying to reinvent the wheel? So simple. The train arrived on time behind sliding doors and these opened as did the train doors. The train was busy but plenty of room for us and the commuters looked like commuters do anywhere.

We found a place for breakfast in Orchard Road. We had poached eggs that were served in cups, toast, and kopi, as they call coffee. It was a very odd way to eat eggs.

A couple of months ago, R damaged the screen on his phone and he had been using my old one. We spied a phone shop with a handsome and sweet young man. R bought himself a new Samsung slide phone for a very cheap price. It was already on special, so our efforts to get the price further reduced were resisted. Singapore uses the same electric plug as the UK, so I managed to get him to throw in what he referred to as a 'kangaroo plug', that is an adaptor for use in Australia.

Orchard Road is very long, so we decided to return to the hotel via the MRT and rest up a bit for our afternoon tour. We had to check out of the hotel and leave our cases there. We took a stroll around Little India. The vendors were very forward. We bought a nice table runner at a stall to bring home.

Then at two, we were off to Jurong Bird Park, past the Port of Singapore and Jurong industrial estate, with its 600 species and 7,000 birds. Transport around the park is by monorail. We stopped off at the worlds highest man made waterfall and again where the loris can be fed. I had never heard of loris and thought the name was a substitute for lorikeets, but the park signage indicated there were both loris and lorikeets. In another area we watched some of a predatory bird show which was much the same as here at Healsville. I think it was also here where we saw live penguins, kept in aircon comfort. We sat and contemplated on the edge of a lake and watched pink wading birds while waiting for our bus. That is R's finger in the photo. The ring used to be too big for him and he used to worry that it would fall off.

Back to the hotel, showered at the hotel gym, dinner and a cab to the airport for our uneventful flight on to London.


  1. That microwave dish is way too small to squeeze a bird into.

  2. Aren't penguins the oddest creatures with all their hopping?! I expect I would have enjoyed the Bird Park very much.

  3. Well, the feathers could make you a pretty hat Brian.

    They are Daisy. I like watching them waddle.