Monday, July 07, 2008

Day 3 Singapore Pt 2

Again into a bus and to a central meeting point in the afternoon. We were taken to Mount Faber and caught the long chairlift across to Sentosa Island.

This was from the chairlift. The monorail, except it would be a duorail had a very frequent service but did not appear to go anywhere apart from Sentosa. I am not sure what was being constructed below but it was a massive development, perhaps the casino.
We went through a museum on Sentosa, interesting enough. One of the statues came to life as we were walking through a darkish area and scared the bejesus out of us. Then into the aquarium, see one, seen them all but I managed to amuse myself in other ways by flirting with one of the very nice aquarium workers. Oops, it was just a bit of fun but he then started stalking me. I managed to loose him. R noticed nothing. I love seahorses and this jellyfish like critters kept changing their colours. One minute, pink, then clear, then blue.

This tower is perhaps forty metres tall and the platform where people sit spirals up to the top at a leisurely pace and gives a great view of the surrounding area.
Darkness was starting to fall and we arrived at the beach where the sound, light and fire show was to happen in the sea. There must have been a couple of thousand people sitting on the bleachers to see the show. It was very impressive and I would recommend Sounds of the Sea. The photo below is a hologram on a mist of water.

I will call these fan palms. I am not sure if that is a natural shape, but they looked good. Back to the hotel. Forget what we did for dinner.


  1. "One of the statues came to life as we were walking through a darkish area..."

    That'd be the jet lag kicking in.

  2. I love the palm trees but you can keep the chairlift.

    So R noticed nothing, well now that you've shared it with all of us, we can blackmail you into next year.

  3. awww ... the seahorses ... they're gorgeous.

  4. The trees look like the tailfeathers of our LasVegas show girls.

    Lovely pics.

  5. It was just an apparition then Brian.

    It is ok Jahteh. I am not that stupid. I told him later.

    I reckon so Bwca.

    They are probably smaller than show girls tailfeathers Daisy.