Thursday, July 17, 2008

Day 17 Newcastle to Hexham

We stayed a second night at L and D's then took off for Hexham in our own car. I we missed the turn off to Westerhope where sister K lives. We needed to call in and collect our freshly washed clothes. I took the next turn off and eventually found my way there when we came across the Jingling Gate Hotel which I recalled driving past with K and J. Niceties with K done, back onto the A69 heading to Hexham, all on our own. Yes!!!

At this point, I did not know what the A69 speed limit was, so I just travelled at 60mph. I was a bit nervous heading into Hexham with the odd, to us, roundabouts. The traffic gets very busy there at times, but no problem encountered.

After settling in, we walked to the village shops, had some lunch and visited the very beautiful and impressive Hexham Abbey. Via Tescos for our liquid needs, well food as well, back to the caravan for dinner.

R cooked some quite expensive lamb shops that we bought at Tescos. They were British lamb and they were sublime. I suspect the animals had been grain fed as the texture of the meat was quite different to back home. Can you grain feed sheep? We had lamb chops once more during our stay and they were much more like we have. Bags of mixed salad are not what we normally buy, but in this case, they were very appropriate.

A bit of tv and then bed. R decided it would be better to pull the mattress off the short bed and sleep on the lounge room floor, so he did.

Exterior of Hexham Abbey but not really its best angle.
The best I could do of the interior.


  1. Lovely abbey photos thank you Andrew. How brave of you to risk the motorways.
    Keep on truckin'.

  2. "I suspect the animals had been grain fed as the texture of the meat was quite different to back home."

    Considering you bought 'em at Tesco, I'm surprised they weren't made of cardboard.

  3. Great photos Andrew. The Abbey must have had so much atmosphere seeped into that magnificent stonework. *sigh* Where can I get a stonemason who can do work like that on the cheap?

  4. Ohhh I love the abbey!
    I suppose it's too much to hope that you popped it into your bag to bring back...? :P
    I waved at your High Rise yesterday from the balcony of The Shrine but you mustn't have seen me :P

  5. Motorways are fine Bwca. Local streets are the scary ones.

    There is a Tescos quality tale to come Brian.

    I think there are still plenty around in England LiD.

    Since we can't see the shrine Jayne, probably not.