Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 15, Hexham to Newcastle

After breakfast R and I took off on our own for a Sunday morning walk but caught by J's niece, husband and daughter and we felt obliged to walk with them. We walked along the river a bit and managed to lose them when they came to some play equipment. We walked back through the town and to the caravan.

We all then went to the local car boot sale which was quite a big market by our standards. Of course goods aren't sold from car boots, but stalls as we know them at our markets.

Some lunch at the Station Hotel, $10 for a very nice roast lamb meal. Sunday lunch seems to be something of a tradition in England, or dinner as they call it.

We packed up and back to Newcastle and we were dropped back at L and Ds where we caught up on what had happened in our absence and we spent the night there. I finally got to have a decent check of email and sort things out.

Rotunda in Hexham Park. As per usual, I chopped the top of a building or statue. Must be the camera's fault.


  1. Anonymous5:07 pm

    No arguments from me

  2. Ahhhhh, bliss.
    A proper park rotunda.

  3. A rotunda? That's a bandstand. I always thought a rotunda was a fat bloke falling downhill.

  4. C'mon Reuben, argue.

    Very nice one too Jayne.

    A bandstand is a modest working class version of a rotunda Brian.