Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 14, Hexham

Bacon and eggs for breakfast again, yum. Many grams are going onto the bod.

Although it took as long to drive and park as it would have to walk, we did drive into the village proper. We parked in a carpark and walked through the Moot Hall arch to the shops. It was a market Saturday and the village was buzzing. I needed to unload the camera card onto cd and there was a self service machine in a supermarket. I put my pound in and it started processing and then crashed and windows restarted. I could have complained but forget the pound. J took us to a photo shop. It took about two hours to make a cd and a back up, and then second disks had to made as we were just five photos over one cd. That done and a look around the shops, we adjourned for our first English fish and chips at kind of a chain operation but not a chain per se. Too much food.

Back to the caravan for a relax and after dinner, we visited J's niece who, with her husband and daughter, also have a weekend caravan. They were very hospitable and the drinks flowed as usual. The husband is about 30, and can I just mention, he was to die for. Incredibly handsome with a deep voice that just melted my.......well not heart, but something. I managed to get my arm around him for one of the photo shoot. I listened with adoration while he went on about his various medical problems. He was quite painful actually, but he could afford to be a bit of a bore. Ah, drunk again, what a surprise. Will sleep well at least.

The Hexham market area on a quiet weekday. Unlike our markets, they have refrigeration and sell meat, fish etc.
The gates to Hexham Park.
The main shopping street, a mall, in Hexham.


  1. "...walked through the Moot Hall arch to the shops."

    A 'Moot' being the Saxon word for the place (usually a natural mound) where new laws were passed and legislation drawn up.

    Just thought I'd throw in a bit of history there for you, Andrew.

  2. I certainly hope the bits that melted weren't your important ones.

  3. As was explained in great depth to us Brian. Not sure about a mound, but it not the highest point in the town.

    Your vivid imagination will get me into trouble one day Daisy.

  4. Lovely photos. It seems I have competition.

  5. Love those buildings!
    Why can't we have those buildings in Melbourne?
    I want those buildings, dammit!
    Oh...forgot...we did have many of them but now we have steel and glass monstrosities...*sob*

  6. Well, the subject matter was pretty good Reuben.

    Jayne, even when they build new buildings in England, it is hard to tell they are new. I would call it sympathetic architecture. They certainly don't put up glass towers willy nilly.