Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Whick bank would you trust?

Banks are serious and stern places. They need to inspire confidence. Below are a few banks to be found around the world. A couple of them are in financial trouble. Can you pick which banks by their names that would not inspire confidence and could be in trouble? Weird!

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Thai Farmers Bank

Royal Bank of Scotland

Industrial and Commercial Bank of Vietnam

Bank of Hong Kong

Bank of America

Barclays Bank

Fannie Mae

Freddie Mac


  1. Commonwealth bank? I'd sooner invest in a coal fired power station.

  2. I wouldn't trust any of 'em, to be honest. They're all money grabbing swine.

  3. You probably would be indirectly Reuben.

    Brian, funny how the profits are privatised, but when things go wrong, the public picks up the tab.

  4. Which bank?
    It's your money, Ralph!
    Savings before spending.
    They talk the talk but slyly shuffle off with our dosh...

  5. While I know it is not how banks work Jayne, I find it wrong that everyone cannot withdraw their money at the same time.