Monday, June 09, 2008

Postcard from Paris

Written 31/05

In Paris for five minutes and I stepped in dog shit on the footpath. The Eiffel Tower is not impressive close up. In spite of using my best French, the Parisians refuse to understand my question, 'Schnell, poor favour une choo choo de London, pronto pronto'?

How youse all going?


  1. Hi Andrew

    Oh dear! I can't believe you're not having a great time in Paris! Go to Galeries Lafayette and have ice cream. That ought to cheer you up. The Parisians are lovely, really they are.



  2. Dearest Andrew, with all the trippings and slippings, I'm glad you're not going anywhere near the Grand Canyon. Have an ice-cream for me and a chocolate eclair, make that two.

  3. Cameraface. please ignore the comments of the above old slappers, I heven't finished with them yet.

    They'll come to their senses soon... ish.

  4. "I heven't finished with them yet."

    Heven't? Got a plum stuck in your throat there Sedgers? One of Mr Loyd Webber's perhaps?

    "In Paris for five minutes and I stepped in dog shit on the footpath." is Paris.

  5. I spent 24 hours in Paris a couple of years ago, and yes I have to agree with Brian. Paris is not what it's made out to be, have you seen people pissing in the street yet? That was a site to enjoy.. not.

    I'm far more jealous that you went to London, I would love to go there again. Yeah there can be attitude there, but then again so does Sydney

  6. Anonymous12:34 pm

    Wait till you lose your wallet!

    The dog shit exists, apparently, because the French don't appear to enjoy picking up dog shit - not as much as us Aussie anyway.

  7. LMFAO
    Loving these postcards that were written before you even left Oz :P

  8. bertie11:39 pm

    you know what they say, shit sticks to shit

  9. OMG, chips and shit, how do you manage to step in both! What is next? Please take care and come home safely ok :)

  10. Bon chance Andrew. It is so cool how your blog sails on while you are away and you've got people putting S*#t on the frogs and discussing the levels of street urination et al. So funny. I love it!

  11. Anonymous5:31 pm

    Oh Andrew, I miss you.

  12. choo cho de london ?

    English pastry?
    no wonder you mystified the poor frogs.

    Le gare! is the station.
    I hope you saw Carla Sarkozy?

    and what makes you think it was le shit de chiens?

  13. adam hunters-smith10:04 am

    Wow! I bet that eiffle tower is not as good as your high rise!

  14. Geez, I didn't know a month could be so long...when are you coming home?!