Sunday, June 08, 2008

Postcard from London

Written 28/05/08

We are now in London. It is cold and wet and I can't believe how miserable all the English people are. Of course everything is so expensive and everyone is so rude. I slipped on a chip (french fry) on the street and a nice young skin head with the word Aryan on his tee helped me up. What does Aryan mean and what did he mean when he said he wanted to gob on my face? Some strange ritual?

Loving youse all from afar.


  1. glad to hear London is giving you everything it's got.
    It's so thrilling to land back on the Tulla tarmac.

    till then. mwah mwah

  2. I warned you not to go to London, Andrew. But you wouldn't listen...
    The place is full of cockneys and Londoners and all sorts of other horrible, vile creatures. You should have come up north instead. It's sunny and warm here and the good Lancashire folk have an excellent disposition...especially if you buy 'em a couple of pints first.

  3. Incidentally...this posting, it seems, has taken even longer to reach the board than the average snail mail post card. I smell a mischievous rat here...

  4. Anonymous11:34 am

    Aryan is a euphemism for chav which in itself is a euphemism for someone who has no intention to go to university.

    London is very expensive - but I'm the type of person who loves rainy whether so the climate would be most suitable for me. Have you noticed the lack of street trees yet? British cities are almost uniformly devoid of shade. The reasons of which are still being researched.

  5. Come BAAAAACCKKKK Andrew, we miss you! No one like you to liven the place up hey...chin up young man!

  6. British cities get no shade because there's no sun.

    (Benign comment)

  7. "Have you noticed the lack of street trees yet? British cities are almost uniformly devoid of shade."

    Hate to tell you this Robbert, but London has more trees and green spaces in it then any other capital city in Europe. However, you are correct about the lack of sunshine, at least as far as London goes. Since I closed my arse and returned to the north it's been very overcast there.

  8. Robbert didn't make that comment, rvb did.

  9. Robbert...good spotting. That's what comes off too much whisky and too little sleep.