Monday, May 12, 2008

You Answer It

It was the usual battle. You answer the phone. No you answer it. By this time, the answer machine had kicked in and neither of us had answered.

Caller ID costs a lot of money on your home phone, like six dollars per month. I hate and object to paying it whereas my mobile phone does not charge me any extra. But I pay it because it like it.

Dame M calling. This was most unlikely, since she is dead. It must be The Boarder. I ought to update the phone. R called him back and I am now deeply in debt over phone answering as R had a one hour plus conversation.

The Boarder lives in Flat 2 in the late Dame M's home. Flats 3 and 4 are self contained above. Flat 2 is complicated as it does not have its own entrance and is just a series of rooms off Dame M's residence. These rooms are The Boarders own space, but full of Dame M's sewing machines and bolts of fabric. It just occurred to me tonight, where was Dame M's laundry? I know every inch of Dame M's place and there is no laundry. I can only conclude it is in Flat 2.

Evidently, although Flats 1,2,3 and 4 are all separately metered for utilities, they all go through one meter in Flat 2, which was Dame M's business area before The Boarder. A tax dodge in earlier days. Dame M received all the individual flat utility bills and then passed them to the appropriate people. This sounds so extraordinary to me, that I know it must be true. It also has the State Trustees flummoxed.

As suggested earlier, Dame M's step sons are contesting her will. Given she contested her husband's will and won and got the whole building instead of them, I suppose they are justified in trying at least.

The Boarder is quite happy about this as it will mean he can stay there for another year or so before having to make a decision about buying a place. The Estate Trustees or is it State Trustees pay the bills. They have been quite supportive of The Boarder. They called him today to ask him if he has a kitchen. He doesn't. But he must have the laundry down the back somewhere.

As Dame M told The Boarder, it won't be easy for any of you when I go. She wasn't wrong. Gee I miss Grande Dame.

Later Edit: Clarification of the meter business. All water, gas and electric meters are in or pertain to flat 2, The Boarder's flat. Ipso facto (wow, I never thought I would get use those two words) nothing can be shut off, as the State Trustees wanted to do for flat 1, Dame M's area. It really isn't any clearer is it? After seeing other people tonight who are familiar with Dame M's house, no knowledge of any laundry. I never went into Dame M's ensuite, but it is unlikely to be in there.


  1. Bless her heart, she sure is a mystery, and, perhaps she liked it that way? Makes me think there were usch exciting times in that place..things that have been left within the walls, unsaid.
    I am glad The Border is being looked after, he must have a heavy heart right now.

  2. Good to hear the bills are being taken care of and that The Border has more time before he has to move.
    No kitchen, a missing laundry?
    Odd but probably quite comfy for Dame M.

  3. Are you sure she hasn't got a fortune stashed under the floorboards somewhere in that house?

  4. Yeah Cazzie. We only know a few tales. So many we will never know.

    It was an odd place Jayne. The living areas and most of the furniture in them were stunning. But the utility areas dated back to the seventies.

    Good point Ben and it would not surprise me. Maybe some even left over from the earlier owner, a Rabbi and 'his seven ugly daughters' as Dame M used to put it. It was just a substantial double story house then.