Thursday, May 08, 2008

Too Clever?

These two, one of our owner's corporation managers and a fellow resident and owner's corporation committee member have often rubbed.......ah, horns, I suppose.....together. After so many errors being pointed out to the owner's corp manager and her responding, she finally came back with this. Marvellous.

I have made the correction on our soft copy, so that when it is printed for signing it is absolutely correct. I really appreciate your conscientious scrutiny of all the documentation.

Equally as good is one of R's sisters. Last time he went to the UK, his brother in law, who is a business owner in the motor car trade, got R a free car for the period of his visit. Well, we were just hoping this time..... Unfortunately he and R's sister are now separated. R sent her an email asking if we rented a Ford Festiva when in the UK, is it an ok car and is £13 a day an ok price? She is smart, this one. She had my measure good and proper when she came to Australia. She emailed back, yes, it is a good price, go for it.

Oh well, nice try.

Both remind me a friend of many years ago who wanted to buy a house. He hinted strongly to his mother about her coming up with the deposit. After several hints, she said to him, 'Have you ever thought of Tattslotto son?'. This phrase slipped into our vocabularies and whenever one of us complains about a lack of money, 'Have you ever thought of Tattslotto?'.

PS Yes, I know fonts, sizes and colours are all odd. You can still read it though.


  1. Ah yes, this is something we are trying to teach our eldest - hinting will not work, if you want something then ask for it.

    So far we're having as much luck as you did with the car.

  2. Bright red letters on a dark teal withered old eyeballs are melting.

  3. Yeah, you are right Tony.

    I must remember my ageing readership Brian.

  4. No that red was my eyeball bleeding :P
    Great post, the fruit of my loins get ignored unless they ask directly, then they have a 50/50 chance of me saying that I'll think about it :P

  5. ... you mean it looks better to young eyes ?

    but at least we can read it.
    go to Blogger On A Cast-Iron Balcony to see what a broken blog looks like.
    she cant figure out what happened but the blog is now just a title.

  6. Michelle9:03 pm

    Beating around the bush isn't one of my favourite things in life, I also say to my children if you want something just ask.

    Nothing more frustrating than hinting, cause you basically know what is going to come out of there mouth before they do half the time!

  7. Think about it Jayne means an avenue for kids to nag.

    Yeah, bit tragic Ann. If you aren't an expert, better to stick to blogger.

    Hi Michelle. It does require a degree of subtlety if hinting is to be done well. Just planting a seed of thought really.