Thursday, May 15, 2008


When I was a skinny young boy, I used to think that people died in earthquakes by a chasm opening up and it swallowing them. Now I know differently. Things just fall down and crush. Boy, if there was a St Kilda Road earthquake, I would be well and truly crushed. How many have died in China? A terrible figure. The People's Liberation Army has been mobilised and are doing a fantastic job, that is the People's Liberation Army who shot willy nilly in Tianman Square when people who just a wee bit unhappy with their government, and staged a sit in protest. Thank god that they are not seeing this disaster as political.

Not like the Burma Generals who see things ever so politically. As I type, someone there is gasping their last breath because of the cyclone and the ineptitude and need to control by the Burmese leaders. That is BURMA in capital letters for search engines. You general type dudes are a disgrace. You really need to employ a Chinese educated propagandist.

But with disaster and misery comes humour. The US of A is prepared and ready to offer relief to Burmese citizens. The US of A seems to be able to a great job from afar, just not when it is on their home turf, ala New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina. Ah, but they were mostly black, the white folk got out early.


  1. Those Tibetan protesters, eh? They'll go to any lengths to stop that bloody torch.

  2. Hi Andrew

    I share your cynicism about the American response. I bet they can't wait to get in there and see what's going on.



  3. I have sharp pointy sticks I'd like to use on those stuffed shirt generals who are full of piss and wind.

  4. Those poor people in Burma and China. I saw a news report yesterday which showed the moment when two women were told that there would be no more attempts to rescue their family members from a collapsed building in China. Their screaming and pleading will haunt me for a very long time. I just can't imagine...and words fail.

  5. I nearly wet myself watching GWB plead with the Generals to let him help the people. The Generals are very big on governing by the aid of magic rituals and astrology and not the good 'Harry Potter' type of magic.

  6. Did they all jump up and down Brian?

    They do seem terribly eager Pants.

    Very sharp to pierce that great fat bellies Jayne.

    Not much fazes me on tv news LiD, but I really could not watch anymore.

    The new caring and sharing Bush Jahteh. I think not.