Tuesday, May 13, 2008


While I had my flu shot administered by a nurse at work, R was just given a vial full of the potion for him to use at his pleasure. Normally a co-worker's mother who is a nurse, administers the shot. But she was not available this year. R brought the vial home with the intention of asking the Bone Doctor to do it.

Nope, Bone Doctor had bolted to Hong Kong for a 'conference', no doubt paid for by a drug company or a supplier of hip part replacement bits.

It was not actually a vial, but a ready made injection tool. I was only on my second glass of pre dinner wine, when I said, what nonsense, I'll do it.

So, full of confidence and with steady hands, I did. It is only an under the skin injection and I had just seen my own done. Some ten days later, R is still alive and without flu.

The only problem was we couldn't remember where the sharps bin is in the building. We knew that there was one somewhere, and after much hunting, we found it.

Now all youse nurses are going to tell me how stupid we were, aren't you. I could have killed him? I just copied what the nurse did when she injected me.


  1. "Some ten days later, R is still alive and without flu."

    Just wait until that air bubble in the needle reaches his brain.

  2. Bah Brian. I know enough to clear the air.

  3. Anonymous1:20 am

    That R is one very brave man.

  4. What a shame I didn't know earlier; I could have let you give me my TB test. Instead, the nasty nurse woman did it while I held my breath.

  5. LOL
    Nah, not going to berate you, you probably did a better job than some nurses/doctors I know :P

  6. I'm scared of needles. If I were R, I wouldn't be so eager and accepting of such an offer, in favour of professional help.

  7. He trusts me Anon.

    I only give a tiny prick Daisy Jo.

    No scar either Jayne.

    The needles are so tiny Reuben, you barely notice.

  8. Perhaps your eyesight is fading out. My young eyes scrutinise the width of the point.

  9. Awww, aren't you noice! I've administered injections to animals plenty of times but never to the human variety.

  10. Wow, Andrew the nurse :)

  11. I think I put my specs on Reuben. You are such a whimp.

    Yo do animal welfare Ren, or on you own pets?

    For one night only Cazzie.