Saturday, May 03, 2008

Gay whale rights

I wasn't always a gay whale. At one time, not even in the so distance past, I was as skinny as your sleekest otter.

But even a gay whale like me has rights. I fully support KRudd's change in gay laws, even if I don't understand them very well. I am more of your council botherer over rubbish bins type than a gay activist. In the nineteen seventies and eighties, I saw such huge changes in attitudes, anything more is just icing on the cake.

As for gay marriage........puuuuhhhllllease. Why would you want to.......but then I suppose, why shouldn't you be able to if you are silly enough to want to participate in this old religious custom?

Sister and the Bone Doctor had a good lawyer friend and Little Jo's birth certificate mentions three people. Ha, backfired on them. Now sister will have to be a kept Doctor's wife rather than a single mother on a government pension.

R is already ranting that he won't be able to receive a single pension. I try to point out that financially we will probably be better off by being a recognised couple, but I can't quote facts and figures at him, as I don't know and I cannot do it with conviction. Income tax thresholds, income splitting, Medicare safety nets are all things I hear, but I don't now how they will apply to us.

For thirty years we have been individuals in the eyes of the government. I have never had to know about joint stuffs.

Clearly if we had a child, we are about to be known as a family. But as a childless couple, can we still be a family? Can a childless hetro couple be known as a family? After all, in politics, it is all about families, especially working families. Hey, we work!

I really ought to put some effort into our finances and their complications and how the changes will affect us. Manyana. I am busy looking at the old longest Sydney tram route, to Ryde, and waiting for The Dummies guide to gay relationships, Australian edition, 2009.


  1. That's why me and Michelle never got married. None of the financial complications of married life, and we still get to have sex.

    Incidentally, I bought a tape of Gay Whale Songs once from the Alternative Health shop. It was very relaxing, but a bit eighties retro.

  2. Fair point, Andrew. But it's symbolic to offer 100% equality...gays don't have to get married if they don't want to, but having the option there is important in a supremely progressively society.

  3. Lemme know when the guide comes out... I tell ya, the World is just crazy!

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  5. 'scuse the typos.

    Take 2.

    Bottom line in my world is, keep politicians out of the bedrooms of the nation.

    (Especially their own bedrooms, lest they be tempted to breed.)

    Brian, think I've heard that tape of yours, "The Best of the Minky Village People". Remind me to lend you my pirate copy of of "The Raging Camp Moreton Bay Buggers - Uncut".

  6. A bit eighties retro Brian? What have you got against 80's retro gay whales? Are you bigoted?

    And symbolism is terribly important Reuben.

    You and me both Cazzie.

    To be fair M'lord, there are one or two who would be welcome in my bedroom and I expect there might be one or two you would welcome too.