Friday, May 09, 2008

Calder Interchange

I used to hear about the awful bottleneck at the Calder Interchange on the Tullamarine Freeway. Radio traffic reports often mentioned it, probably daily. I even experienced it myself when we picked up some o/s visitors from the airport one weekday morning. It was a nasty bottleneck.

The RACV magazine published plans of the alterations to make the Calder interchange work better. I studied the plans carefully and they looked pretty good to me. I pinned the pages to my Melways street directory.

Many millions of dollars were spent and the project was completed and there was no more congestion at the Calder interchange. Good work Vicroads.

Except, just a couple of years later, what have I heard twice on the radio recently? Congestion at the Calder Interchange.

It is quite clear to me after watching thirty odd years of matters like this, build a road and the customers will come and then too many customers will come.

It is a pity that people who want to insert train lines all over our fair city don't seem to get the same say as those who want roads everywhere.

This was written a few days ago and I have since heard another mention of congestion at the Calder Interchange.


  1. I criss-cross Victoria.
    There is some bad stuff Out There.
    1. NEVER go near Stud Rd on a Friday.

    2. even the CBD of Ballarat had friday grid-lock because of ridiculous one-way arrangements.

    3. it is not possible to get to Strathmore off the Western Wing Woad where the Calder and the Tulla cross it. There is a well-worn U-turn track in the dirt on the median where many drivers realise they must break the law or go to Sydney instead of Strathmore.
    I've used it twice.
    I want to see Names and Faces of these idiot planners who take the money and run, but never actually use trains or traffic themselves.

  2. 1. I avoid studs of all types.

    2. Bring back the trams. Then you really will see grid lock.

    3. I also avoid Strathmore. Only disreputable types there.

  3. Bugger it, ban all cars from the CBD.
    Introduce a horse-tram to and from the Tulla airport.
    Only allow cars to drive on odds and evens days with a complete ban on Sundays.
    Build a new ring road to Westernport Bay - why, I don't know, just to screw with the public's minds and waste more money while wiping out acres of unnecessary golf courses.
    Teach primary school kids to fly broomsticks and to burn car manuals, along with Noddy and Big Ears books,Gordon Ramsay and Nigella Lawson's tv shows.
    Heck,shove Nigella's head into the damn teapot she's waffling about lately.

  4. Jealous Jayne? You want to swear in the kitchen like Ramsey but also lusciously fondle a peach?

  5. Anonymous1:46 pm

    Strathmore disreputable? I would have thought that Broadmeadows and Sunshine would have been.

    The induced demand effect is what you're describing here Andrew. The RACV's interpretation, by nature, would be a glossy, self-righteous magazine that makes my ego look tiny in comparison.

  6. 'that makes my ego look tiny in comparison.' Lol Reuben. Only some will get the Strathmore reference.

  7. I got it. (But I've been to the Dr. to get some antibiotics.)

    ... and I'm trying to lift Strathmore's reputation up to that enjoyed by Broady and Sunny. (Just have to get Brumby evicted from our patch.)

    Most week morning I walk with #1 daughter on the way to dropping off g'daughter to school. In so doing we walk over a bridge atop the Tulla freeway. Rare is it that there is not capital 'G' gridlock.
    Just as bad at 4-5 p.m.

    People needn't wonder why I either walk or use P.T.

  8. "It was a nasty bottleneck."

    Try Teacher's Scotch instead. Their bottlenecks are just about right to fit in the mouth without spilling a drop.

  9. Andrew, I could make a bunch of celery blush with my potty mouth and the only peaches I hope to fondle are the ones my tree had better grow next spring or there's gonna be harsh words with enough fertiliser to beat Nigella's latest teapot fetish :P

    Brian - bugger the Teachers, go the Glenmorangie :P

  10. Remember when City link was going to cure all of our cross-city traffic congestion ills? Almost a decade later I'm still facing a daily one-hour trek to work but now I get to pay for it. I absolutely agree with you - they create more roads but that never clears the congestion it only increases demand which in turn creates more congestion and we're never any better off.

    And I continue to be stunned that there was no rail link planned to the airport. That part of Melbourne was a clean slate when the airport was being built but now it's knee-deep in suburbia and a railway line must be a virtual impossibility now

  11. Driving home from work the other morning I couldn;t believe the congestion city bound from Geelong. The traffic at 730am was stopped back to where people from Point Cook get onto the freeway.
    Bottleneck, yeah, it is only going to get worse.

  12. Spare a thought for me Andrew .... Guess where I live ? Ummmm Keilor

  13. Is M'lord a misery cold ridden person? While there may be some richer lords, not too many can look down on their inferiors from a bridge.

    I do Brian, too often.

    Jayne, perhaps you could do something exotic and erotic with chokos.

    Yes, yes and yes TVAU. But not impossible. It could be attached to the freeway.

    Yeah Cazzie, hear it all the time on the radio.

    I no longer slag orf suburbs Robyn. I only did that when I had no readers. But I guess you are quite familiar with the Tulla/City Link.