Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bless Him

Our old old friend who lives in a town with the shape of an elephant dominating the scenery, very near Lismore in the west of the state has sent us this book. In the note included, he suggested that he thinks the Tube has changed a bit since the map was published. I suspect much else has changed, but then again, maybe not. Inner London streets would not have changed a lot. Perhaps a forty odd year old street directory of London will be fine for us.

He circled the location of the 'Offy' where he used to work when he lived in London for ten years before they kicked him out, and drew lines of his path to home. We use the words 'common market' very carefully in his presence. He is still terribly bitter about being booted out of Blighty while all those black people flowed in from Africa, the Sub Continent and the West Indies.

Btw, we leave on the 1st of June. I have moved from being apprehensive to excited and worried. Sister, the Bone Doctor and Little Jo are staying in our apartment, enjoying the comparative large space, while we are away. I hate goodbyes as I get teary, so I will just cease to post, come the time.


  1. 1st June!!?
    OMG that's just around the corner!
    Dear Lord, I'll be sitting in the corner, rocking and chewing my way through the 'puter cords till the High Riser addiction is fed.
    How long did you say you'd be absent from our monitors?

  2. Surely it won't be a teary goodbye Andrew...we look forward to lots of marvellous images.. and because I won't probably ever go to London, you will be able to share some great things about it with me :)
    Now, be sure to leave little Jo's mummie's some nice drop of wine to enjoy while they bask in the Highrise won't you? :) What fun!

  3. Cazzie if you never go to London it will be London's loss.

  4. Anonymous6:07 pm

    Watch out for the gypsies, tories and chavs. The Tories usually go around armed with a backward ideology, picking on lower-class souls and the environment.

    But other than that, Britain's a nice place...especially for those who don't mind massive expenses!

  5. "He is still terribly bitter about being booted out of Blighty while all those black people flowed in from Africa, the Sub Continent and the West Indies."

    Never heard of anyone getting booted out of Blighty before. We usually have to nail people to the ground to stop 'em from leaving.

  6. Tell me about it Jayne. So close. It is only a mild panic at this stage. Gone for a month.

    They can bring their own wine Cazzie. I'll count the bottles here before we leave!

    You been to London Robert?

    Nice work Reuben. Especially wary of the Tories. I will just point and laugh.

    He adored London Brian, but he did leave about 1980. No doubt it has changed for the better since then!.

  7. Haha, I had a feeling you would say that you will count those bottles, :)

    Robert, what a lovely thing to say!

  8. "He adored London Brian, but he did leave about 1980." hasn't got Maggie Thatcher in it for start, so that's got to be an improvement.

  9. Perhaps he had the pleasure of Michael Foote.

  10. Andrew a student saw me knocking on a door in Oxford looking for somewhere to stay. He gave me his bed at Magdalen college while he slept on the floor. It was a lesson to me that came at the right time. Which is ever the way. I know my purpose.

  11. London is a great place to visit. I plan on going back one day. I'm sure you'll like it.

    Bon Voyage, par avion, and have a nice trip.

  12. The kindness of strangers Robert, but I bet you didn't tell him that you never wash.

    Thanks Ben. Kinda wish we were there longer now.

  13. Hygiene is far from important old boy, the worms won't care.
    You need to shake off detail, but I'd reckon it's too late.