Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Affirming Media Images

It is not often that I am pleased by whatever I may read or see in a newspaper. But after seeing this picture of Australian champion swimmer Grant Hackett at the Herald Sun online, I feel positively good about myself.


  1. Anonymous1:21 pm

    Ah yes, but have you just swum 10kms Andrew?

    I would dare say your portly figure is due to drinking 10kms of alcoholic beverages.....

  2. And he claims to NOT be overweight?!
    *Ahem* So we can all deny the existence of our tummies and aim to compete at Beijing, too?! :P

  3. I heard him tell the people on the radio he was overloaded with water, 2.5litres of it..I am not so sure :(

  4. Presumably it gives him that extra bit of bouyancy.

  5. He looks damned fine in the paper now, though.

  6. Portly Anon????? Splutter splutter. Drink too much???? Splutter splutter.

    Well, I do believe he is fit Jayne.

    Lucky that he had a space to store the water Cazzie.

    Just made me think Brian. You would not drink lots of water as it has no buoyancy.

    He is a good looking guy Hawkeye, but silly enough to try and defend the obvious.

  7. Having now seen the before and after shots I still cannot fathom how his whole body shape changed within a matter of days!
    Gut, love handles, emerging man boobs - all gone!
    3.5 litres of water and carbs does not do that and disappear so quickly!?!
    I'm all confuddled now and will need a lie down...with some choccy bikkies...

  8. Anonymous10:54 am

    If you actually saw the video of him coming out of the water he was breathing heavily using his abdomen. So on breathing out he look to have a fat gut and this is when the shot was taken of him. Last nights news showed him in true physical form ready for th Olympics.

  9. Oh well, I will go back to feeling bad about my own body image.

  10. Anonymous5:06 pm

    Why such a useless tattoo? Attention seeking or something far more sinister - like the amount of shares he has with Telstra.

    Whatever the case, I think he's a waste of media space and therefore makes apt blog discussion.

  11. Andrew,

    That's true about the bouyancy. However, if he took a leak during one of his swims, it might give him a bit of a jet boost.

  12. the number isn't a tatt, it's his competitor number.

    I love Granty.

    NOBODY should feel bad about their body for chrissakes.

    Life is not a contest.

    Elle Macpherson weight-trains 5 hours every day to be the way she is - she's nuts.

  13. Anonymous8:51 pm

    Well thanks for that enlightenment. I guess the assessors need stronger glasses.

  14. But did you see the photo of him the day after? Guess it shows what a big bowl of pasta can do!

  15. I just saw the photo this morning Rosanna. Remarkable!

  16. The only time I feel better about myself is when I see photos of those really scary big muvvas. Then I feel totally sylph-like.

    Oh dear......