Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I haven't mentioned work for a long time. There is a good reason. It is boring, unfulfilling and tedious. It is a damming reflection on my character that I have done it for nearly thirty years.

I made it a bit interesting this week, but not in a way that is nice for me or the other person involved. I can't recall feeling so bad about myself since I accidentally bruised this guy's................

I work shift work. If the shift you are allocated does not suit you, such as finishing at 2.30 am, then you can swap your shift with someone who likes a good lie in.

It did not suit me to start at 5.30 am. So I swapped my shift with someone for one that started at a more civilised time and promptly forgot about it. I know how easy it is to forget, so I always make a note of this. But this time I forgot to make a note and went on to swap the same shift with someone else.

The 'office' asked me to please explain and I chose a shift and then had to call the disappointed person and offer a grovelling apology. I deserve worse.

No punishment is worse than my self criticism but I shall ask the not unattractive victim of my shift change debacle to give me a good hard spanking as punishment, or if he is not up to pleasuring me in such a manner, a hard punch to the nose.

Whatcha reckin? I deserve it?

The only reason I can write this is that the victim managed to get a shift that suited him at short notice.

I try to be Mr Perfect, but pretty well fail. Maybe I should wear my incompetent brain and heart on my sleeve more.


  1. Everyone makes mistakes.

  2. It's good to have a conscience, but nothing is the end of the world except the end of the world........... :0)

  3. What you won't do for a spanking!!

  4. Well, where I work we have more or less the same system in place for our shifts.

    Anyone who does this double swapping is generally ridiculed, mocked and kicked hard in the nuts.

  5. Oh, I forgot. We had one guy at our work who managed to quadruple swap one week.

  6. Goodness, Andrew, do you mean to say you're human after all!? :P

  7. Very very occasionally Victor.

    I feel better about it now Bliss.

    Daisy Jo, how do you know my little secrets?

    So Andy, I have these punishments to look forward to. Pity I don't play cricket.

    Don't ask R that question Jayne.

  8. "No punishment is worse than my self criticism."

    Having a drill bit driven into your eyeball whilst being force-fed raw, dead piglets and having to watch American sitcoms....surely that'd be worse?

  9. Yes, I so know the "forgot I changed shift" thing..and "I forgot to pen that in aswell" thing.
    I got a call bout a month ago at 0800hrs, "Where are you?" was the question. I had thought I booked a whole week of afternoons.. yet I was supposed to be on at 0700hrs! I got into work at a pretty good time and managed to have a great shift in the end. But I did profusely apologise to the other staff who laughed and said they do it all the time. My response to them.."(But)..I Don't Do Mornings!"

  10. Very descriptive Brian. But if eye was drilled, I would be saved from American sitcoms.

    I have done that a couple of times Cazzie, that is mistake my start time.

  11. Andrew,

    That's true. Forget the drill bit then and make it 'polished with a cotton wool bud' so that you can see the inanity of the American sitcoms even clearer. Now that has to be a nightmare scenario in anybody's book.