Tuesday, April 22, 2008

US Election

This could be a rant about why we are forced to endure the minute details of the face off in the US between Baracky and Hillsie.

But really, it is the most interesting thing I have ever seen about US politics. The players are colourful and it is terribly sad that one of two very good candidates will be wasted. One of them is going to be the President of the United States of America, and the other a piece of history.

The real election between the Democrats and the Republicans will be such an anticlimax. The result is surely a foregone conclusion.

Hillsie reckons she will best represent the workers, which I thoroughly approve of, but I doubt that she would get much of a result. She panders to extreme religious types and the gun lobby. These people need to see the error of their ways, not have tacit approval.

Baracky is a little more circumspect, in fact a bit critical. Maybe he has already written off winning that area. People still have an issue with his Moslem sounding name. Get over it. He is not going to endanger his wealth by blowing stuffs up.

Yes, both Baracky and Hillsie are seriously rich. Mixing it with the working class doesn't work well for me. Be it Australia, the UK or the US, I like my pollies to be a bit aloof from the commoners. They invariably are rich, intelligent and well educated and should behave as such.

Of course, whoever becomes President, not much will change. While we in Oz wonder about what is Federal and what is State and the waste of money that goes with duplication and varying laws, it is so much worse in the US.

My head says Hillsie, but my heart says Baracky. It is the only US election that I can recall that had really interesting candidates. May the best bloke(sic) win.


  1. Are there any other candidates running?!
    Seriously I'd love to see both of them as Prez and Vice Prez, in no particular order, but I don't think that's gonna happen.
    Whoever wins is going to have a big pile of crap to sort out and clean up.

  2. The issues and problems seem almost insurmountable Jayne.

  3. My head and heart are in the same order as yours, Andrew.

  4. Anonymous7:45 pm

    I don't like US styled voting. It's 'all or nothing' and of course it's very vulnerable to avaricious lobbyists such as the gun, religious or road lobbies (which I have no sympathy for at all).

    Go Obama! Send those idiotic southerns spinning!

  5. Somehow I guessed that Daisy Jo.

    So you actually understand it then Reuben?

  6. Anonymous5:29 pm

    No. That's why I don't like it. An electoral paradigm must be clear and simple and not open for corrupt lobbying. On that note, the US ticks all the boxes. I may have a US passport but I won't use it.