Monday, April 07, 2008

Unreliable Sunday

I am feeling R's pain a bit. Easter we had to go to the north of the city centre. No tram past the Art's Centre. We caught a tram altered to run along William St and another down Bourke St. We were in a hurry and it all took so much longer. Once finished, we walked back to the Arts Centre and caught a tram home.

The following week R went into the city midday in the middle of the week. Tram broke down, half an hour wait.

Sunday 13th again heading into the city. Run for Kids. No trams past the Arts Centre.

I was at work and he thought sensibly that he would not try for the City again this Sunday just past. I subsequently discovered that the trams had been disrupted by some religious march.

No, he headed south to North Road, Ormond to wash his car. Coming home, he got caught in traffic congestion because of platform tram stop construction in Brighton Road. Stop start for a couple of kilometres, then he wanted to go to Balaclava but there were no right turns allowed at Chapel Street. He made the shops eventually.

I suppose if we are to upgrade infrastructure, we must expect some disruption. But what I don't think is right is the frequent transport disruption because of charity events. Swanston Street is the main tram route to and through the city. Thousands use it every day. Why are people being so inconvenienced by charity events?

I am not sure about Melbourne, but in Sydney, trams used to cease operation for Sunday church services in the morning and often the evening too. Slowly things changed and eventually the trams just kept running all day. Probably did not matter too much as everything was shut.

Back in my earlier Melbourne days, disrupted trams would not have mattered so much. Again, there was nothing open. Why would you want to go to the City on a Sunday?

But times have changed and almost everything is now open Sunday, even the City GPO. Lots of people work in the City on Sundays.

The tram service should not be disrupted un-necessarily.

As for disruption by demonstrations, it depends on what the demo is for. If it something I think right, then that is ok. If it a crank religious parade like yesterday, forget it.


  1. What the authorities should have done was allow the parade to go ahead but keep the trams running. A religious nutter would make an interesting Jackson Pollack type addition to the cityscape after being hit by a tram. It would also help them take a couple of steps closer to their deity of choice.

  2. The only crank religious mob I happily tolerate (even encourage) are the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. All hail to those non virginal (non vaginal?) Marys!

  3. Actually they ended the march at St Pauls, an C of E. Since when do C of E types march in the streets?

    And segueing, one sister of pep was a Brunswick tram driver. I haven't seen the Melbourne ones around for ages.

  4. "Since when do C of E types march in the streets?"

    Were you were familiar with the 'High' C of E you wouldn't ask that question, Shirl.

    (Actually the high C of E 'sashay' rather than march.)

  5. As usual, I know a little about a lot but not much about anything.

  6. Join the club. The trick is to rabbit on lots.

  7. Anonymous8:51 pm

    Religious nutcases deserve no right to block the city's arteries in the name of a baseless cause. Who next should we allow? The flat Earth society? The neo-nazi party? Get real Melbourne Council!

  8. I vote for Brian's solution ;)
    Last saw the Sisters of Pep. In. at last year's Pride March.

  9. Wonder if they had a permit Reuben. I would guess so. So yes, back on City of Melb.

    Just checked Jayne. They have an un-maintained website.

  10. "Since when do C of E types march in the streets?"

    The annual Gay Vicars St. George's Parade...those leopard skin surplusses make quite a statement.

  11. That statement being (we are unrelaibly informed), "C of E leopards never change their spots, their spats, undies or choirboys."

  12. I dislike protesters of any type. By distupting stuff as they do only pisses people off, does that really help their cause?