Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Train not stopping Lyndhurst

I have been looking at Melbourne's new train timetables. I have never looked at the Cranbourne train service before. I had to check on map for some details and found what I thought was a very strange thing.

These Lynbrook streets look very suburban to me. Adjacent is the very highly populated Hampton Park and something tells me Lynbrook is not so different. They are fortunate to be on the Cranbourne railway line.

They may have to cross a busy road, but there is their own railway station called Lyndhurst. But wait, the note on the map says 'goods only'.

Without knowing the physicality of the area, it strikes me as very odd that Lyndhurst, next to such a highly populated area, is not a train station for passengers.

Map courtesy street-directory.com.au


  1. Anonymous5:38 pm

    The suburb is earmarked for a station being built around 2014 (when it would be considered a 'middle' suburb). The track itself is still single. Gosh the government's inertia just makes we want to eat my sandals!

  2. There is a siding where they unload cement at Lyndhurst, that is the "goods only" part. I'm not sure if there is anything left of the passenger platform which I believe was nothing more than a wayside halt in the middle of nowhwere anyway. Yes it does Look like a good location for a station now though. There have been plans for a station at Lynbrook a bit further down the line near Aylmer Rd. It's been marked in the Melway for nearly 10 years I think, but so far has never materialised.

  3. Single track Reuben? I had no idea. It is absurd that there is not one there already.

    I figured it wasn't really practical to have the station exactly there Ben. I did not see the proposed station on the map, but it shows quite clearly. A better location. How much does a station cost? Why isn't it just built?

  4. Used to have a platform but it was demolished around 1980-ish.
    Don't ya just love these backward thinking dropkick Powers That Be?!

  5. And 1980ish would be when Hampton Park started to develop Jayne. I would think it would be a modest affair.

  6. Anonymous4:02 pm

    Indeed it is Andrew, but remember which two political parties have been in power for the last fifty years?