Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Traffic Report

This is vaguely related to Daniel's post today.

We were living in Rosamond Street, Balaclava at the time. I heard on ABC Melbourne Radio traffic report, that there was an accident at the corner of Woodstock Street and Nightingale Street. I walked the couple of house blocks to the corner and peered down the street and nothing to be seen. My cynicism level about such reports was on alert.

Since then, I have been out driving and I have heard perhaps three or more traffic reports of an accident at such a such location and when I arrived there, nothing, not even evidence of a crash. Another I warned R about via sms when on his way home from work and he took no notice of me and there was no accident to be seen.

The latest was when I was home here, an accident at the corner of Toorak and St Kilda Roads. I have a perfect view of this vile intersection, so I walked out on the balcony and nothing to be seen.

Is there really much point in ABC Melbourne providing such useless information? My advice would be that by the time you hear of an accident at a certain location on ABC Melbourne, plough right on ahead and it will be a quiet location as the accident will be long gone and everyone else will be avoiding it.

And with another vaguely related, did I hear Hilary Harper, and ex ABC Melbourne traffic reporter disown ABC Melbourne's new look website? Did she pointedly point out that she was responsible for content, not the web site itself? I would do the same as the website is crap. Not that the old one was wonderful, but it was kind of functional.

There used to be a guest book, where I would now go and have a rant about the new website, but it is gone. Instead they want us to discuss issues and topics. Bah.


  1. i looked at the ABC Local Radio website when they first unveiled it, and my eyes are still burning.. it was woeful.. the main ABC website, and ABCTV sites are OK although i find it sometimes harder to find news stories on ABC News Online, used to be a lot more straightforward. They'll say that's progress

  2. When I worked at a particular radio station it was hammered into us NOT to report any accidents that were SMS'ed or phoned in by listeners, unless it could be verified with VicRoads traffic website.
    But, by the same token, a massive crash on the West Gate Bridge one night at 11pm wasn't noted on the VicRoads site until 10am the following morning.

  3. Thanks TVAU. So it is not just me.

    Jayne, I wonder if the problem is VicRoads website and that it is very slow to receive information.

  4. Anonymous7:42 pm

    Traffic accidents don't particularly interest me - unless it's an RACV executive which would give me an irony erection.

  5. I fear any kinda accident. I hv a strange haunting fear of it. mebbe I died that way in my last life?


  6. Methinks it might be a code for a secret organisation. We should start up a Crashspotting group and get out there to confirm them. Crashbusters perhaps? Proving or busting crashes as fakes?

    As for irony erections, I'm hanging out for a car to crash into the VACC building on St Kilda Rd.

  7. Keshi, it is because you, like me, are control freaks. It would disrupt our lives too much.

    Crashbusters, coming to an SBS station near your soon. It would have to be a spectacular accident to crash into the VACC building......maybe a U turning car rammed by a tram and catapulted across the road?