Friday, April 11, 2008

A St Kilda Stroll

I hoped to be out by nine in the morning for a stroll in St Kilda. I made it out by ten. I really wanted to see the tide out too, and it was out further than I thought it ever went. We are looking westward, with the Spirit of Tasmania docked at Station Pier. Newport power station appears to working by the smoke. It is normally only used when we are short of power. Can't imagine why it was fired up on this balmy day.

Here is the iconic Espy Hotel, (Esplanade Hotel on the Upper Esplanade) dwarfed by the new and controversial apartment building behind. From some angles, it does not look as bad as it does in this pic.

So Mayor Cribbes, this is where my rate money has been going. There must be tens of thousands of dollars worth of timber there, with more happening along the way. Enlarging the walk way, cycle way, blading way was necessary, but this is a bit over the top. How about investing some money in a water recycling plant and green up our fair borough and save the trees.

This arch with walkway above has recently been renovated. It is a totally pointless construction, but I like it.

Still close to the beach is the St Kilda Community Garden, or allotment as they are known in the UK. Did Pants have a plot at an allotment in Hackney Wick? Does Brian turn a sod somewhere in Fleetwood? Where the community garden is and the adjacent sporting field is know as the Peanut Farm. I have no idea why.
Against Robyn's advice, I then shopped in Coles in Acland Street. Helga's Light Rye was on special, otherwise I would have gone celebrity spotting at Safeway instead. Coles in Acland Street is a bit of a rabbit's warren and not a celeb to be seen. Perhaps it was too early for them. I had visions of Magda in a brunch coat.

St Kilda is a marvellous place, before 11.30 am on a weekday. I goes to hell in a handbasket with crowds after that. Don't even think about it on a weekend.


  1. That's the sort of decking that'd spend Alan Titchmarsh into orgasm...which wouldn't be a very pleasant sight, come to think of it.

  2. Anonymous11:23 am

    Excellent photos as usual. The community gardens you shot are fantastic. All such public land usage is good (think of food miles, for instance). Although I understand you're frequently busy - a DeviantART account would suit you admirably.

  3. Love the pics! So much has changed since I was last down there I really should pull my finger out to have a gander.

    Dear Lore, Brian, that mental image has left me very queasy !

  4. Give up, who is Titchmarsh? Thought you might have grabbed the 'turning a sod' and ran with it Brian.

    Reuben, I can imagine having a plot in a community garden when I am old. They are great. I asked in the past without a response that I know of, why is DeviantArt better than Flickr or Photobucket?

    You should visit Jayne. Sunday is hideously busy though.

  5. Someone pulled the plug out, or global warming, bah humbug? Low tide yesterday was at 1252 at a height of 0.15 Metres. The low tides for the last few days do seem lower than those expected later in the week. It's on the BOM website.

    That building behind the Espy is hideous! It would look more at home at Surfers Paradise then there.

    I hope that timber board walk came from a plantation rather than an old growth forest.

    I've always thought those bridges were odd, there's more than one along the bay isn't there? It reminds me of the large bridge that used to be at station pier.

    Harold in Neighbours has a plot in a community garden on and off as it suits the shows writers. Seems to be no end of trouble with all the young hooligans and Lou Carpenter about.

  6. The tide did look extremely low to me Ben.

    Yes, the whole Espy apartment thing is so wrong.

    It should be redgum, but since they are all dying, it is perhaps another sound Aussie timber. CoP would only use sustainable timber.

    Only bridge I know of.

    You need a good spanking Ben, for knowing so much about Neighbours.

  7. Anonymous8:45 pm

    Oh sorry for the belated reply. With deviantART, there is more variety and the site also transcends into a forum too. The organisation of images and the ability to place them in your 'favourites' makes it very user-friendly. Perhaps I shall do a blog post about this, but then again - I know little about Picassa and Flickr.

  8. The Peanut Farm apparently got its name in the 1920's when illegal gambling went on in old wooden grand stand. The locals used to 'bet peanuts' with the SP bookies! That info comes via a friend of mine from a resident opposite the peanut farm. The old lady he brought his house from told him. Not the most authoritative of references, I know, but it's the only explanation I've ever heard.

  9. I use three for photo storage Reuben, Flickr, Photobucket and Webshots. Each one has its own merits and suits my purpose. I used to use Picassa to upload pics to my blog, but I have not looked at it since it was taken over by yahoo. I never liked yahoo photos.

    That is fantastic info Altissima. I have done some net searching and there does not seem to be any idea anywhere. I assumed peanut trees were grown there at some time. Onto St Kilda Historical Society with this info I think.