Wednesday, April 09, 2008

St Kilda Road Babysitters

We saw Little Jo tonight. She grabbed my wallet from and pulled out my Visa card. Bad omen.

Sometime later, she had her very large mobile plastic mobile phone in her hand. I am sure she memorized my card number and was buying something. What seemed to be Mum Mum Mum on the phone, I am sure is 4564............

We insisted that sister should not cook and we go out for a meal, but as they have been travelling of late, sister was quite happy to cook for us and eat at their home.

Sister and the Bone Doctor had turf delivered today. Sister's back was aching badly after laying turf. I pointed out that I was not working today and could have helped. Maybe sister ought to keep in touch more and she might know when I was not working.

Sister and the Bone Doctor asked if we were busy next Wednesday and could we babysit. Stupid, of course we could. They want to go to some place called the The Corner. I have a vague memory that the Rolling Stones performed an unannounced performance there. They want to see Weddings, Parties, Anything at The Corner. It used to be a smoke filled, sticky carpet venue. Now I guess it just a sticky carpet venue.

But while I was out of the room admiring the new turf and watering the non existent lemon tree, plans were hatching. Evidently we are going to be looking after Little Jo every Thursday evening. To simplify things, we are buying a baby seat for the motor. While it will go in R's car, can I steal his car and pretend I am a straight man? I have a vague memory of guys who had a baby seat in their car were very successful when picking up.

I said that we will teach Little Jo to kick a footy. Then I realised that sister, her mother, kicks a footyball much better than I do. I will teach her about inner city architecture and buildings and English style parks.


  1. "I have a vague memory of guys who had a baby seat in their car were very successful when picking up."

    That says a lot more about Australian women than it probably ought to.

  2. Ah, the joys of very small children. I have a little 'mum,mum,mum and dad,dad,dadder. Absolutely innocence and totally entrancing.

    You probably pick up a better kind of pick up with a really spectacular dog.

  3. Yes a dog works great. When we're out with my daughters fluffy lil dog, dad stands out the front of the shop while we go in. When we come out we never fail to find a girl chatting with him, once the lil pooch even managed to attract an extremely spunky gay guy. We had lots of fun with that one.

    Must have been a funny sight seeing lil Jo with your visa card and a phone. I remember when my daughter first started talking I said to her... tell daddy what we learned today and gave her my credit card. She held it out towards him and said 'charge it'. I think he nearly passed out.

  4. Good Lord, Weddings, Parties, Anything are still going ? Used to love that band!
    We expect a post every Friday on Little Jo winding you tighter around her little finger each week :P

  5. I meant picking up other men Brian, if that wasn't clear.

    As an ex dog owner Bliss, you are quite correct.

    That broke me up Jo.

    I was surprised to hear that too Jayne. I think we are already firmly wound around.

  6. Oh...well in that case it says a lot more than it probably ought to about the Australian gay scene then.

  7. What a well-educated baby she will be!

  8. It says a bit about married men Brian.

    She will be Daisy Jo. The battle is to see that she is not ultra spoilt and ends a well rounded person.