Thursday, April 03, 2008

Sir Rod Eddington

I wonder how much he was paid for telling us the bleeding obvious. Did he come up with something new and radical? Something that has not already been suggested?

Here are my thoughts. There is an decent dose of self interest in them.

Link up all freeways. Eastern Freeway through to Ring Road with city exits. People want the city exit. Given it seems so few seem to want to got from the east to the west in the north, why would you build something that didn't do what the people wanted. Ring Road to Eastern Freeway, or is it Eastlink. Whatever, complete the circle. Bypass Geelong properly and add to it by giving a freeway option in Queenscliff direction. Link the Frankston Freeway to the Mornington Peninsular Freeway and bypass Frankston.

But that is it. No more freeways for Melbourne. They don't work. They are built, fill with traffic quickly and then there is a demand for more. Motorist, you have got what you wanted. Freeways are linked. See how long they work well for you.

Now future money can be devoted to public transport. I recognise that outer suburban roads need to be improved over time, as the need arises, well actually before the need arises. As the need arises.

I think it was City of Melbourne that suggested the underground train from North Melbourne Station to Melb Uni, then a couple of stops in the City and on to the Domain tram Interchange and on further. I like the refinement of the proposal, Footscray to Caulfied. Very useful for me. I dislike the very slow tram travel we are forced to endure and they are just too busy now.

Presently if you live in the Doncaster area, you public transport option is only bus travel. Eddington comes up with a brilliant new plan. Buses!

For crying out loud. Why can't we build a railway line to Doncaster, and to Rowville and Monash Uni. I expect I will go to my grave hearing about a vaguely proposed train to Doncaster.

The cost benefit may not be great, but extend tram lines the short distance that many of them need so that they finish at a logical destination.

The largest shopping centre in the Southern Hemisphere, aka Chadstone, needs a rail line of some sort. I hear horror tales of people trying to find a parking space there.

No new suburb is allowed to built until the present ones have access to a fast rail system. Then, no new suburb to be built until a fast rail system is built. This was learnt in 19th and 20th centuries. Build the railway and the people will come.

In conclusion, a tram goes past my door to a three minute walk to my workplace. Even if that tram fails, there is another which will deliver me just a couple of minutes later. Why do I continue with the expense of my own car and driving to work? It is all about the math. I have never been late to my workplace by relying on my car since I have lived here. I allow between twenty and thirty minutes and I am usually quite early to work. If I caught a tram, I would have to allow nearly an hour. Most times 40 mins would be adequate, but that does not allow for the frequent delays.

When I lived in Balaclava, I used to catch the tram to work and then the tram company did something called through routing as a cost saving measure, and the service became unreliable. The 69 tram disappeared in favour of 16. I stopped catching the tram then and drove to work. I have never recovered from that.

I have read some really well informed posts by educated people about Melbourne's transport woes and Sir Eddington's report. You can find them if you want. This post ought to be filed as a draft for a complete rewrite at a later period , but I am over it.


  1. *gasp* Are you advocating that *shock* the govt spend money on *horror* public transport and even *feeling faint now* logically plan ahead for transport services to new housing areas?!?!
    Think I'll have a Bex and a good lie down to recover...

  2. "...a tram goes past my door."

    Bloody hell. They must be using thick sleepers to get that high.

  3. A drive in some of our newest burbs is quite an education Jayne.

    Everything is larger than life in Oz Brian.

  4. Anonymous11:26 am

    I'll swap Sydney's public transport whoes for Melbourne's any day.

    We have about 500 new buses up here stuck in a yard somewhere because the RTA deemed them to be to heavy for our roads. Obviuosly all the money spent on our roads was a waste if they cant carry a 16tonne bus.

    We get promises of new train lines that never eventuate. New lines built too steep to carry our new train carriages. $100 million for a new integrated ticketing system that doesn't work.

    We are going from one catasrophe to another wasting millions of tax payers dollars and have nothing to show for it. Bloody Illema and his band of idiots. Where is a Liberal Party when you need one?

  5. I will do a post on this. Sir Rob Eddington must be a drug abuser. Nobody in their consciencious mind would daftly plan a train line from Werribee to a paddock/green wedge and expect high patronage.

  6. Yeah Anon. I know a bit about these matters, although the buses I did not know about. Is it the Chatswood Epping line, due to be completed in 2019?

    I was hoping you would Reuben, and be one of educated people I mentioned. Maybe Eddington knows something about the green wedges that the public does not.

  7. I shall today, Andrew. Bare in mind that Eddington's report already exposes flaws in the fallacious Melbourne2030 plan - which has only ever remained a plan.
    Moreover, who wants to catch a train to a paddock? There is no demand but Eddington uses a bizzare form of "life maths" to predict traffic flow (perhaps their sneaky plan is to secretly establish the next new 'Docklands' at Footscray near the tunnel? One thing's for sure, Brumby has let slip something. "We will not rule out acquisition" which means that the tunnel will probably go ahead - to my dismay.

  8. Road Tunnel = Bad
    Rail Tunnel = better but not much

    All I can say is, there of a lot of smaller fixes that can be made to the rail system to make it flow better, some of which are included in the Eddington report but don't have to be made as part of it. If they want to build new rail tunnels do it properly and keep the new lines and any existing lines that are connected to it separate from the rest of the network, and run it like a true metro, rather than the version that we are presented with.

    Reuben you are right, that diesel line via Tarneit and woop woop is completely crazy.

  9. Does seem odd Reuben.

    No one seems happy with the report Ben but for different reasons. You could hardly say it is visionary.

  10. Yeah. Check out my post on it if you'd like. I've explained my reasoning there.