Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Oh God, the Frog Spammers are into me

What did I do? I am very careful with my isp email address. I don't use it for pornography sites or any dubious commercial sites. I get maybe one spam message a day even so, but now I am getting spam written in French. Just now there are two. One is about female cosmetics. Shirl needs cosmetic surgery; make up only works up to a point.

The other guarantees satisfaction with 500 gratuities thrown in and there are 500 coloured models available. It must be advertising paint sets or miniature cars or something like that. Thankfully the French seem to know that I do not have erectile dysfunction or need a larger member. In my very limited experience, tiny in fact, I am not sure that the French are ones to point out other races' 'small stature'.


  1. I'm lucky enough to never get spam in my isp box but my yahoo get endless emails offering penis enlargements and cheap viagra.

  2. Anonymous7:47 pm

    Nigerian spammers are the worst. Go to and find out why.

  3. You could buy some viagra Jo and slip it in L's drink. See what happens.

    Site won't work Reuben. Sure the url is correct?