Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The not so worldly

My mother is not great at world geography or world current affairs. She could probably point out France, Egypt and China on a map but I doubt she would be struggling to find Iran, Fiji or Venezuela. I very much doubt she reads anything on the Herald Sun's world news page. I think she may have crossed the Murray River once, but only just across. Her sole plane trip was from Mildura to Melbourne and she had to have oxygen during the one hour flight. Her geography learning would have stopped as soon as she left school.

Americans are well known for not being very up to speed in knowing about the rest of the world. While they seem to excel in some areas of education, such as speaking and eloquency, there is clearly an educational deficit in the area of world knowledge.

I am fairly confident that you could go to the most socio, educational and economically deprived suburb in Australia and do a darn sight better than these people in the clip do answering the questions.

There are just some things in this clip that I cannot understand how the interviewees could not know, but clearly they don't.

While I am not going to win any friends in the US by posting this, note in the opening piece, 'asking US locals about the very world they run'. Not quite true, but it is the most influential and powerful country in the world.

PS I am getting a sense of deja vu here. Have I done this same post once before?


  1. LMAO, that was much more of a laugh to watch than Sam Newman's street talk section on the footy show (I only ever watched it once because he had interviewed my friend and she gave him shit the whole time haha).
    Your mum sound slike my mother in law, she has a sedative before a flight and oxygen in flight still! Sad but true.


    Further proof of just how insular the States can be...

  3. that was hilarious LMAO ... gullible and fool hardy.

    Thanks for sharing that ...

  4. Suddenly the fatal flaw in democracy becomes frighteningly clear...

  5. As I explained in one of my later posts, most people don't know where Kyrgyzstan is. It's astounding.

  6. More power to your friend Cazzie.

    Insular is a good word MD. But the vid seems to have been removed.

    Hi Baby~Amore. Thanks.

    Brian, as Audrey Forbes-Hamilton once said, 'democracy is all very well, but why give it to the people'.

    It is with all the other 'Stans isn't it Reuben.

  7. Rooly true story.

    When in Los Angeles (a million years ago admittedly) I was complimented on speaking "such good english for someone from Austria".

  8. Yes, a wee bit scary Jayne.

    Not heard of the Austria Australia thing for ages. You were a victim of your time M'lord.

  9. Did make me laugh and it's always fun to feel superior over the Yanks! But if you spent an afternoon in some Melbourne Streets, I reckon you could find the at least the same number of ignoramuses. We don't know how many people they interviewed to get this handful of moronic responses.

  10. Good point about how many they asked Altissima. But I really think we Oz folk are a bit more world wise.