Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Non British Luxfer

Here is a picture of an intact luxfer. Luxfer seems to be what they are called. I came across this one in Collins Street and three different ones in Russell Street. This one was unbranded but one other showed the name Brooks and Robinson and another just Luxfer.

Now this was an odd thing. I typed British Luxfer into that very large search engine and came across my own post via this site. I quickly also came across this post by Miss Diarist.

We are all being indexed!!!


  1. "We are all being indexed!!!"

    No...only those interested in up-skirt/kilt toilet windows.

  2. Up skirting seems to have died in Oz after a big bang of a start.

    I should have taken some pics of the very nice shop Daisy Jo. I think it was expensive jewellery.

  3. Any shop in Collins St is verrry nice, dah-lings ;)

  4. Anonymous9:42 pm

    I love your attention to detail, Andrew. Through your photos and posts I'm discovering parts of Melbourne that I've seen but never noticed. Thanks!

  5. The indexing thing...blogs index fast and often highly in G***g*e. It is kind of freaky to see where one's posts end up, ranked next to more traditionally authoritative sources.

  6. The Paris end mind you Jayne.

    Always found that sort of thing interesting MD, but I am much more conscious of it now. Must be an age thing. It is nice to share stuff too.

    I know LiD. I know. Bit scary when you are innocently searching for something and there is your post sitting at the top of the list. Now doubt I am now an authority on luxfers.