Monday, April 21, 2008


1/ A US study recently concluded that drinking more water than just to quench your thirst was pointless, although not harmful.

I drink perhaps less than two litres of water a day. Less in winter, more in summer. I think a decent amount of water is needed to keep your liver and kidneys clean and to keep your skin and other organs hydrated. However, I have always thought it a bit odd that we are the only creatures who drink more water than just to quench our thirst.

2/ A Highriser study has concluded that wounds heal more quickly with a band aid over the wound.

When I was growing up, a band aid was needed to stop bleeding and protect a wound, but as soon as practical, the band aid would come off. Expose the wound to the air. It will heal more quickly, was the mantra. When I recently fell over, I kept the nastiest wound on my hand covered with a band aid for about a week. I am surprised how quickly it has healed. Even Dr Karl who was an 'expose it to the air' proponent has seen the light and believes wounds do heal more quickly with a band aid on.


  1. A recent study has concluded that more money is wasted every year by academics on pointless studies and surveys than is required by the third world to lift itself out of debt.

  2. Anonymous8:08 pm

    RE: bandaids
    My wounds get mushy if I leave it on more than necessary.

  3. Yep, tis true wounds heal faster when kept covered.
    The mushier, the better Captain Xiao, or so a surgeon informed me!

  4. It seems there is a study for every possible argument that someone might want to prove.

  5. I wear bandaids and my man rarely does. Mine always heal quicker, because you're not knocking it all the time.

    A nurse friend says of those clear wound covers they use now, 'a week or a leak'. They're terrific.

    I've got the first cut for months on my finger, and the poodles are always chasing me wanting to clean it. Not my thing, but they say dog spit is very healing (????).

  6. I'm undecided on the bandaid issue; I get highly irritated when they get wet.

  7. So true Brian and Victor. I am amazed at what is questioned at times when it is bleeding obvious.

    That's what I experienced too Captain, but then once the band aid came off, it mended very fast.

    I think your are right Jayne.

    Knocking it is painful too Bliss. I have heard of the benefits of dog saliva in healing.......for dogs.

    Ah yes, Daisy Jo. Problem. The first day or two I wore a rubber glove to stop it getting wet, but then I just ripped it off and replaced once I had my hands out of water.

  8. Anonymous4:36 pm

    Ugh! I can't stand mushiness. And drink as much water as you can folks! The drought is not going to break anytime soon.