Friday, April 25, 2008

My War

I should think every Australian of a certain age knows this song. It was about a war I remember, the Vietnam War, a horrible war with the only good thing to come out of it being conscription was abolished and unlikely to ever happen again and also that it taught Australians to be more cynical about war, the reasons for war and what politicians tell them and order them to do.

I can't hear this song without getting shivers down my spine.

The band was called Redgum and the lead singer was John Schumann who I recall ran for Federal Parliament and almost un-seated former Liberal Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer from his parliamentary seat.


  1. Andrew, thank you for posting this. I was on my way home from the Shrine this afternoon when my mum rang to tell me that 'that song that makes you cry is on the radio' - it was this one.

    There's a lot I've got to say on this topic so I may have to save it for a post.

  2. That song spoke volumes about what happened, and was still happening, to veterans that many knew about but were too hesitant to voice in public.
    It helped rip back the carpet where the govt had swept things.

  3. Wished I'd plugged my speakers in.

  4. Anonymous2:08 pm

    Yeah war is no good for anyone....this goes for both sides.
    Have been to Vietnam a few times and was amazing to see what damage this war did to their country and peoples. Luckily they are slowing rebuilding it all with a lot of help from Australian Gov't.

  5. Such a waste of all those healthy young men. It touched my life irreparably in two places and still reverberates today.

    Thank you for posting the song. I'm going into You Tube to save it onto the hard drive.

  6. That is sweet BC.

    Good angle Jayne.

    You should Brian, if you can get past the strine.

    I have been once Anon. It was fantastic.

    Good one to save Bliss.

  7. Anonymous5:52 pm

    Thanks for posting this song - it brought back a lot of memories. In fact, I'd been trying to remember this band's name for a while because I wanted to hear another of their songs which I think was called The Diamantina. I'll try to find it on YouTube now. Vik.

  8. ... and I got those shivers up and down my spine way back in the mid 60s when that crass TV Tattslotto conscription ballot.

    Luckily my numbers didn't turn up. I didn't end up with a 5th division.

    Some people I knew weren't so lucky ... in many senses.

    Many of those experiences are covered by that accurate, evocative, raw and iconic song. Those who survived the battles but lost the war.

    I could imagine that presently there are families in the US who, were they to hear that song would nod knowingly and sadly.

  9. Hi Vik. Was it in reference to this Diamantina? I can't recall it. Send me the link if you find it.

    M'lord, I don't know if it had international exposure when it was released, but I think not. It ought to have. I've done my bit. With apologies to the Vets, it is not surprising that the G Pop behaved like they did.

  10. Anonymous5:16 pm

    Yeah, that's the area but I was thinking of the Redgum song which I relearned last night is called 'Diamantina Drover'. Finally found it on YouTube - thanks! Vik.

  11. You may well be malingering with the worst cold ever known to Japanese female kind Vik, but can I have the link for it please?

  12. Anonymous8:51 pm

    Do you mean a link for the song? Not sure how to do that... There isn't a redgum version on YouTube but the other versions are pretty good - just do a search for Diamantina Drover. Vik.

  13. Okies, thanks Vik.