Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Mitford Lasses, again

I thought for a moment that this newspaper article might be about that Ecclestone toad who is attempting to blackmail Victoria into running a night time Formula One Grand Prix. I am pleased it isn't as people might start thinking he is at all interesting. I just had to click on the article and check.

Formula One Boss in Nazi Prostitute Ring

The article would be just another one that I would glance at, except Max Mosley is the son of the late Sir Oswald Mosley, a one time leader of British Union of Fascists. But what really interested me, and I just had to check that I am correct, Max Mosley is also the son of Diana Mitford. She married Oswald Mosley in Joseph Goebbels drawing room in Berlin in 1936 and was interred during part of the war in London's Holloway prison. Her first husband was Bryan Guiness, of the beer brewing company.

Lady Mosley died in Paris in 2003. Ah, those Mitford sisters. While only one survives, the Duchess of Devonshire, these fascinating sisters will be remembered for a long long time.


  1. "...according to the News of the World."

    Ah yes...that well respected tabloid guardian of the truth.

  2. Shirl, I clicked on that link with the same expectation - that Bernie and the other 6 dwarves had been caught in flagrante with Fraulein Snow White on Xtube - only to be disappointed.

    Of course a pommie what went to Oxford would either turn out to be a spy or a sexual prevert. It's in the blood - blue usually, in both senses.

    Dammit young Mosley don't you have any sense of tradition?! Choir boys and stable hands are the go! Not your latter day Ilsa Kochs! (Pun fully intended!)

    ... and doesn't he know etiquette? "Don't menchen the whore!"

  3. Brian, tis a dangerous thing that Aussie newspapers do, that is picking up stories from UK papers.

    M'lord, you don't have to look any further than 'mother, nazi'. Another one who wanted to whipped by Maggie.