Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Kill a cabbie

Well, someone has almost. Our bolshie Indian student taxi drivers have bunged up the city tonight for a period much longer than a demonstration normally does. Good on them I say. No one should go to work and get almost killed when just doing their job.

Many Sydney cabs have drivers working inside plastic bubbles and have for years. I did not like them and I don't think too many cabbies did either.

It is not hard. Just separate the driver from the passengers with a proper zoned area for the driver. Some cabbies don't like the idea because of the lack of personal interaction, meaning they can't grope their passengers like they used to, and it will make the trade off of sex for fare harder to negotiate.

Tram drivers are now secure in their vehicles. So should cab drivers and I have noted that bus drivers are not either.

The world has changed folks. Cabbies need to have a secure in a safe working environment. Bugger the social chit chat.

Back to ranting about taxi drivers' driving skills tomorrow.

Update: And this morning, they are still there. North, south, east and west, no traffic nor trams can get through the intersection.


  1. "North, south, east and west, no traffic nor trams can get through the intersection."

    Sounds peaceful. When they've finished round your way, send 'em up here will you?

  2. Not so quiet Brian. They are chanting and are going to take their shirts off and march on state parliament house.

  3. Hi Andrew

    For mine, you can't go past the London cab for privacy and safety - and you can fit five people in one.



  4. They sure have buggered up the city haven't they? Maybe they could have left their tops on and dressed neatly, even had a shave and a hair cut and looked half decent and people MIGHT take notice of them.
    Yes, the World has changed, especially for the driver who was stabbed. It is not just the cabbies at risk, it is anyone and everyone, no-one is excused from the dangerous people out there...I see it every time I work, it saddens me that life changes thus.
    Another thing..I was driving home from work last night through Flemington and half, no, more than half of the cabs I did see had only one headlight working, and some even had tail lights that were not working. I would not get into a cab with no lights, it is, of course, a safety risk.

  5. Gosh, I'm behind the times! I changed my homepage from theage.com.au but I was sick of it's poor international coverage that I switched to bbc.co.uk... now I miss out on all the domestic goss (which is probably a bad thing).

    Good on them, I say. They absolutely should make a stand. No one should go to work and feel threatened.

  6. rosanna, agreed!

    Me thinks the stabbed driver should return as Transport Minister when he's out of hospital. Well, maybe not even that late! He'd have some good suggestions!

  7. That protest was nothing some capsicum spray and some good ole-fashioned police violence wouldn't have fixed.

  8. So agree with you Pants. They would just need a little adaption for Oz. London cabs even by English standards are quite expensive aren't they? Hence the mini cabs, which seem to be quite like our cabs.

  9. You would sure know about that Cazzie, with your job.

    All, check out Cazzie's post on the taxi driver 'sit in'. http://idontdomornings.blogspot.com/2008/04/news-all-day-long-here.html

    You've had your own experience at that, I seem to recall Rosanna.

    Said with humour, Rob, he would send trains all over the place. You would somehow have to magically transport your vehicle for East Malvern to Airport West.

    Andy, recently a test was done. Str8 homophobic guys got stiffies when shown pics of naked guys whereas non homophobic str8 guys did not get a stiffie. You are clearly a repressed taxi driver lover. In fact, I think you want to be one of them.

  10. Poor cabbies get a bad wrap but there aren't enough standards in the industry fullstop.

    They have every right to protest for their own work safety. More power to them!

  11. I think the whole industry needs a big shake up LiD.

  12. I agree with you there Andrew. Kosky is doing some interesting stuff with her neurosurgeon by the sounds of things.

  13. My bet is they're still searching for a donor